Seeds germinated OK but not growing out of rockwool

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    I germed 4 Northernlights x Bigbud Auto seeds. Damp paper towles in a warm dark spot. All four popped ok. Placed all four in rockwool cubes, put them in a little tupperware "greenhouse" and placed in my tent . Temps 75-79F. Two of the seeds have sprouted well. The third looks like it may be trying. The fourth shows no visible activity. Im am thinking that I may need to germ two more.

    What do you all think?



    PS: I tried posting a pic here (& in my grow log) but they are not whowing up.
  2. I always just put seed straight into rockwool and let em sprout. For me it seems like whatever sprout in first few days is all that sprout. the last few runs most of my seeds germinated but a few of them never grew out of the rockwool. Wait a few days to see if they come up and don't mess with them. But if it was me I would try to germinate a couple more seeds. Good luck
  3. Thanks for the input.

    I let them be for a couple of days and they eventually sprouted. All 4 girls are looking good.

  4. hope that they are females. ive had a male auto in a set of 3 seeds. threw that little shit out.
  5. I never had good luck with rock wool, I always germ then put them into pro mix, never had a germed seed not sprout that way
  6. I hope they are all girls :) I bought femmed seeds.

    As I am growing hydro so rockwool is likely my best option.

    Thanks All for the responses!!


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