Seeds germinated and have few quick ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ftrfta1, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Ok i germinated my seeds with the paper towl/plate bowl method . they now have the white sprouts coming out . where i live i couldnt get rockwool atm but i am gonna order some soon . but atm i have good potting soil , potters , i also have a pack of peet pellets with the lil case , should i use the peet pellets? or just put straight into the potters with the good soil ? and another thing is after i do that do i start using the cfl ? or stll no light? again sorry to ask but ive seen so many grow vids in the last few weeks im confused , cause i concentrated more on hydro and then decided to do soil my first time . guess im just a stoner . Aprecciate all your help on this forum :)
  2. i just go straight to soil once the germinate. i like to use a single light till they break the surface. you dont want too much heat on them. you can use more lights, just dont keep them too close. they are very delicate this early in life
  3. ty for the reply :wave: will get right on this :)
  4. yeah in nature, weeds are used to be in low light (in the shadow of pretty much everything)

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