seeds germ and or sprout then stop growing

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  1. Started 5 DNA Kushberry Fem and 5 Barneys Red Dragon Fem.All of the R.D. came up and are still going strong.All of the K germed but had this problem and finally died.Both grew in same set up and medium.Could it be the DNA is inferior?:confused:
  2. You need to give us more info on what soil or medium you're using, how often you're watering.....and be honest--are you giving any nutes? There could be a number of just need to hook us up with some pics or something.
  3. Hello,I dont have a setup for pics.Using pro mix (u.s.) which is a non fert mixture of organic medium.Have not introduced ferts of either organic or chemical.Just would like to know cause would really like this strain.Thanx Adutchie
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about inferior DNA......remember, it's a's programmed for survival in harsh conditions. We still need more info, though. What is the seedling doing when it croaks? Does it get a shrively stem about halfway up and just peter out, or are the seedling leafs yellowing up and dying? Every strain is different, so just because your Red Dragon rocked the house and your Kush couldn't get past the doorman at the club, doesn't mean that it's just needs a different set of conditions in order to live. Try and give us some more info.
  5. Yes,exactly.The seed opens and the root starts shriverling-up on two.The other four crack open then die.Thanx for the input.
  6. OK....if they're shriveling, then you're giving too much water to the seedling. I know it's difficult not to want to keep it watered and provided with all of those juicy bits of nutrients, but you have to remain vigilant......and just let 'er be. Only a couple of capfulls of water every few days will do just fine. Seedlings are programmed to send that ole taproot out searching for water and food, so let it do its thing.

    For example, this is what I plant all seedlings and large plants in. Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil, Hydroton, and Perlite. The seedlings love it because they get a lot of oxygen, light penetration, and fast drainage. No soggy medium means less problems with overwatering.

  7. I guess what I dont understand is how come all of one type is a go and the other is a bust.Using the same condictions.Why is the one so tempermental?
  8. That's something you're going to have to ask the creator when you get to the pearly gates one day. That's just the way it is with these things. You just have to adapt and overcome.
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    I have a similar problem... I have gone through 9 feminized auto flowering seeds (sour diesel, NY diesel) bought from a seed bank in the U.K. Using local seeds (Southern California) my results have been consistently positive. With the seed bank seeds my results have been consistent failures. I start by soaking seeds 24 hours in a glass of water in the dark. I then clam shell two ceramic plates with a folded wet paper towel with the seeds inside until they sprout a tap root. I then transfer to a peat pellet starter puck. At which point my local seeds sprout with great consistency and my seed bank seeds promptly shrivel. I know i am doing something stupid, I just don't know what it is? I have some experience growing, though I would describe myself as a competent novice.

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    I had the same issue.Started 5 bag seeds while I awaited my order from the Netherlands, all 5 bag seeds popped and are now 3 weeks old and growing excellent. I got white widow seeds, soaked 2 til they cracked, put in wet ptowel til i had a 1/4" tap root, then put in fox farm soil.... where they just laid there and rotted. The seeds appear to have no vigor, no energy. At this point, I ordered seed on July 4th, on August 5 i have nothing to show, plant wise....these were White Widow fem from ILGM.
    I emailed ILGM and they sent more seeds.... so now i will have twice as many failed prospects, thats not gonna help

  11. So frustrating. I spent $70 and nothing to show. Its so strange, the seeds do in fact sprout, but then give up the ghost. Could they be old? Is the PH of our water or soil different? Are seed banks intended for hydro growers only? I used SeedSupreme Seed Bank. Their customer service was fair but after one of my deliveries was stolen out of my mailbox, they had me pay shipping a second time. I doubt they would send me another batch. The odd thing was I had three different strains and all failed. Does the autoflowering or feminizing weaken the seed?

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