Seeds from your own plants?!

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  1. I can't seem to find the answer to my curiosity!
    Once you grow your plant, does it produce more seeds to grow even more plants?!
    I'm quite poor to constantly order seeds -
    I've just ordered some Super Skunk which I shall grow shortly!
    How does one get the seeds to grow from their current growing plant?
  2. Ok I'm sorry but if you're not sure where seeds come from I find it hard that you have researched enough to be successful, but any way you know that MJ comes in either male or female right? Well if the pollen from a male comes in contact with the bud of a female seeds grow on the bud and you get seeded bud. Hope this helped!

  3. Thank you kindly for the speedy reply -
    I've researched it but not deeply as I would have hoped -
    I'm at work!

    I indeed noticed that they come in both male and female -

    How does one get the pollen to come in contact with a female bud?
    From my understanding, it's a plant per seed, correct?

    I ordered some Super Skunk -
    And looking to order even more once I get my first batch going.


    I would truly like this batch to go well without ruining it!
    Better yet, I would love to produce some seeds to plant even more Super Skunk!
  4. Ok yes you do get one plant per seed, growing males next to females can be risky some do it in seperate rooms and paint pollen on only a few buds to get both good bud and seeds.
  5. Cannabis, unlike many plants is on a "sliding scale" of sex. There are "pure" females, females, hermies, males, and male-dominant hermies(rare). You want just one male to "take care" of all your girls. If you want a s#*t-load of seeds, just stick a fan in with both sexes of plants. If you want just a few seeds, keep him isolated (another room) and use a clean artist's paint brush to transfer the pollen (yellow flower dust) to the female flowers. Do a search, someone will have photos of the sexes.

    Seeds will form, and eventually, begin to show as the covers around them shrink. When you can see the seeds, you can harvest them. Just dry your buds like normal, but this time let them get "bone dry". Now take that big wire mesh kitchen strainer and rub the bud through it to a waiting plate. The seeds and stems will remain in the strainer. Nicely flaked pot is on the plate. Add a couple of drops of water to the flaked pot to moisten it a bit- smokes harsher if it's too dry.

    "Pure" females can not be forced into hermaphroditism without some pretty heavy messing around (various chemicals). No way to tell them from ordinary females.:D

    Females are what we usually get- if you abuse them they may go hermie. No abuse, no hermies. :)

    Hermies are usually females with some male flowers. Although this is excellent for survival of the species, it puts seeds in our sinsemilla! Most folks kill them on sight!:mad:

    Males- you need just one to make more seeds than you want. Pick only the best looking male. LOTS of male flowers (will translate to his daughters, hopefully), early sexing, I prefer males with bushy growth as well as vigor. Male flowers look like flower buds- little football shaped things. Kill all but the best male. :confused:

    Male-dominant hermies are fairly rare. Unlikely you will have one. :eek:

    When you plant your seeds (1 sprouted seed per pot) you will get a mixture of females and males and hopefully no hermies! The first sign of "adulthood" is that the leaves, which formerly were in even pairs, will alternate. Males tend to sex first, showing "footballs" where the stem and leaf stem meet. Females "give you the high sign" about a week after the males begin to show- girls have two slender whiteish hairs making a "V". Keep records when your plants sex out, earlier is good.

    OK that about covers it, I think. - Granny :wave:
  6. You guys are out of this world!
    Can't believe how fast the replies are!
    Hopefully my babies will grow well and produce beautiful seeds!
    I'd love to keep producing my own MJ for personal pleasures and use. :eek:

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