Seeds from grasscity??

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Apr 23, 2002.


Would you buy seeds a

  1. Yes I would, you seem as as trustworthy brand

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  2. No ,there is much alternative on the web already

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  3. It depends what your pricing will be

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  1. Hi members, a little Poll. We are thinking of setting up a seed shop within grasscity. We would not be able to ship to the US, germany and Portugal. But do you think we would have enough potential to attract custumors in the international seed market?

    If you have ideas or input, all is welcome. I'm also intrested in what you would like to see in a seedshop , your input is valuable to me!


  2. wow this place is really expanding now seeds here gonna have 20000 members soon
  3. I think the idea of selling seeds on grasscity is not a very good one. I think the majority of the people on the site are from the us, so that would take a large precentage of your market away. As for europians and other countrys...why order form america when you can get them faster and probaly cheaper from europe.I think thgat grass city is fine how it is. Why take the chance.?
    -toke a doke
  4. It would make me feel left out. lol
  5. If you could ship to the US, I would totally trust and buy seeds from Grasscity, because of the good people running it. I understand why you can't ship to the US but thought I'd throw my opinion in there anyway :D
  6. If i was in the market for seeds i would buy from grasscity. The site has held up in being professional and that is what counts.

  7. SJ.
    I've been reading and posting in the forum for a little while and I belive that if I was going to buy seeds, I would more likely buy from you.
    I do not look for seeds at other seed banks but I do trust you and your buisness.
    Not the other ones, They are not online talking to the very people they could have as customers like you do.
    I rather be able to get in contact with you than someone that works for you.
    I have also read posts on the replacement of items lost due to border problems and it seems you have been very fair in pleasing your customers.
    Do it if it is worth it.
  8. I'd buy seeds from u.....if i didnt live in the US.....if i wasn't so damn poor
  9. Of course Sj you know you have us behind you 100% if i ever need any seeds i know where i will get myn from :)
    If you want my advise i would say that you have nothing to lose :)

  10. i think you should sell seeds for those fortunate enough to live in countries that tolerate the wonderful herb
  11. i sure wish i could buy'em
  12. Just out of curiosity, why couldnt you ship them to the states? I know the companies in canada ship TO the states, so is it against the law in the US to SELL the seeds?

    Anyways, I would love to see seeds for sale here and i would definately buy some if the prices were competitive.
  13. Also,
    I think you could get into hydroponic growing equipment. There are not many companies online that sell that stuff at competitive prices. The only one I know of is, where I just recently made a purchase. However, they are located in BC, so i imagine you could do well in supplying the US market.
  14. As it is legal to buy and sell seends in norway (amsterdamn) it is legal to sell the live seeds to whomeever pays for them. It is illegal to purchase the seeds in the US, but as there end of the transaction is complete there is little risk on there part. Small packages of seeds I dont think are a large concern of customs and they still arrive at your door untainted.

  15. is it worth the risk
  16. Im thinking worse case scenario is that you will get a little note stating that you had suspicious materials that had to be disposed of. That would be the end of it im thinking. Hoping =)


  17. Norway???? Amsterdam LOL Icecreamkid what's up?? You don't know where amsterdam is?? Or do I misunderstood?

    About shipping to the US, sure there are companies who do that, but the fact is ,that it is illegal. At the end you will get into trouble with that (grasscity in this case) especialy if you are out in the open about what you do and you have custumor protection and so on and do a honest/legal business. So we won't break any laws. Hey I regret too that we cannot ship to the US, but that's the way it is. Í suggest to vote for another president and goverment :)

    Also don;t forget a lot of people take advantage of the fact that it is hard to get in the states. How many stories have I heared that people send 100 $ to some PO box and never heared of there seeds again. Even if they are send out, the chance is there that the seeds are confiscated.
  18. Ok, I my brain took a stoner holiday. Wow that is a big confusion Norway, Holland. Insulted? Eventually ill have to go over there and see exactly how big or an error i made. =)

  19. thats a sweet idea
    but the problem whith the others is that they only accept american and engalnd money. you should make it so it accepts most currencys, because this turns most of my friends and me off buying from other internet sites, and i believe this would increase your sales immensley, dont forget australian money ;)
    peace out.

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