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  1. Hi all, I'm starting a new harvest with seeds I've been keeping in the fridge for half a year, first time doing it from the fridge, any startup advice?:smoke:
  2. Some say soaking it in a glass of water helps it out a bit.............I personally would do the "paper towel in a zip lock" that's what I used to I just thow them right in the soil.....but that's with "new" seeds
  3. You mean to ask if there is anything different about starting seeds from a fridge as opposed to room temperature seeds? No, just start them the same way you usually do. Personally I do the wet paper towel in a dvd case wrapped up in something warm like a towel.. no pre soak.
  4. You dont have to do anything different if that's what you're asking. Personally I plant seeds directly in soil rather they were in a fridge or not.
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  5. Rapid Rooters are the way to go
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  6. Plant them! Lol.
  7. Hahaha your crazy!
  8. Take the container from the fridge and wait for it to reach room temp before you open it so it doesn't absorb the humidity in the room and spoil the other seeds.,
    I use 100 ml distilled water in a beaker with one drop of 3% h2o2 added and put the seed in to soak for 24 hrs then onto a soaked acid-free tissue in a saucer if it hasn't split /popped to show its shoot yet.
    Then put it in a jiffy pot that has been hydrated with the distilled water you were soaking in when it does show its root.
    I have just put a Jack Herer auto seed in it's jiffy pot today after it popped in 24 hrs.
    I have a thing about using the distilled water with the one drop of h20o2 to sterilize things , it works so far for me,
    and I am suspicious of any acidity residue from non acid free paper towels too.
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  9. Thank you!
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