Seeds from female w/o male?

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  1. We all have got the occasional seed in our grows. Well this time I have more than I would like to see, but the question is this: has anyone ever tried to grow these seed? if so what happened? was it worth it?
  2. You're probably getting a hermie flower in there somewere thats so tiny you overlook it. I've heard that seeds from hermies are feminized. I'd review your setup, check for light leaks, inconsistencies etc...
  3. Yes, seeds from hermies are almost always female, b/c it was only female genetics that produced it. These seeds will also however carry the hermaphrodite gene so they can be fickle within a stressful environment and turn hermie quite easily.
  4. This is normal, not the result of a true hermaphrodite, and the seeds will be feminized.

    True hermaphrodites grow male and female flowers at every node. They are quite rare.
  5. Thanks for your advice, now that I know they are female I'll sprout some very soon, Like Now!:wave:
  6. My whole grow op right now is because of accidental pollination... some seeds ended up nice, but I had males... I dont know how this works out if the seeds were supposed to be fem.... Just somthing I dont get yet...
  7. <<< He's done his homework.. Great advise..
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    It looks like people seem to think that the only possible way that a female reefer plant can be pollinated in a room full of ladies is if one of them is secretly a crossdresser.

    My last harvest I had 2 seeds total out of several ounces of an otherwise sensimilla crop. I inspect my plants daily and it's possible that I had a single male flower somewhere but more than likely what happened was that my 2 seeds came from male pollen that infiltrated my grow room from outside...from perhaps miles and miles away.

    My grow room is about 2 miles from a county-to-county border (and about 6 miles from a county-to-county-to-county border) which means there are probably thousands of plants not too far from my grow room and that it is entirely possible that the male pollen came from good stock.

    Back to the original question of growing out those seeds...give it a whirl! :D Thing is though (unless I'm quite mistaken) that the seeds need to dry out for a few weeks before you plant them. I only say this because that is the norm for food crops, so I assume the same for marijuana.

    I kept my seeds and just might one day grow 'em out for shits & giggles :smoke:
  9. Wasabe has a point. Unless your room is 100% sealed and only recieving 100% HEPA filtered air, you'll never truley know where exactly the pollen came from. Though probability would suggest that it came from your own grow room.
  10. No crossdressing required... all female sinsemilla plants will try to grow a couple tiny male flowers late in the season or when stressed. It's a defense mechanism in case of lack of male plants. Nature always finds a way and all that.

    They are much, much smaller than female or normal male flowers and are hard to notice. My afghani kush had a few, and one is evident in the top cola that I haven't vaped yet (I'm hoping for seed... that was a crazy good plant). My raspberry kush this time has had about 7 individual male flowers in total, interspersed within the normal female buds. I pluck most of them out and leave a few, generally. They're easy to mistake for hairs.
  11. My point is that pollen can come from outside the grow space, a hermaphroditic plant inside the grow space isn't necessarily to blame for a seed(s).
  12. I'm sure this was hermie for three reasons 1 wrong time of year for outdoor plants, 2 i overcooker her a bit first time i harvested one late and 3 i was battling spider mites, so there was alot of stress.

    We'll see what happens now that my set ups changed I need as much females as possible cant waste time on a boy.
  13. I got a male plant from a hermi. I think feminized seeds are actually 97% female and 3% male.. still, I like those odds
  14. We will see.... Maybe once it shows germ I will keep a journal on it.
  15. if u take the pollen from the herme and then use it on another plant besides it self it will be more feminized and less likely to be a herm
  16. OK, one sprouted on Saturday, I will start a grow journal on the other board soon.

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