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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Luma, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I just got some bud. Now Im not totally intent on growing and all that. Just kinda wanna see what happens. There are a few seeds in the bud I have. Will these seeds grow and bud? Dont know much about the pollination, male, female, all that stuff. Im just gonna plant em in the woods and see what happens lol.

    Will these work or do I need more seeds?
  2. Aaah. Did not see that...Thanks. That article was great but after's not THAT important lol. I only smoke for recreation. I have more important things for me than weed. I think I will just keep the seeds and maybe down the road try to make a little closet monster for myself:cool:
  3. i think you should plant the seeds but it is highly unlikely you'll get more than a gram of bud. it would be a great experience that will give you knowledge for next years grow.
    (you'll proboably love growing your little chron plant, it can be alot of fun)

  4. Ive gotta disagree there its that late in the year that the only experience he'll get is that you shouldnt plant this late.

    maybe if you'd had thought about it a month an a half ago you could get a fair bit but its way too late now.

    Do your closet grow, get yourself a nice HPS an make them fuckers BIGGGGGG..


  5. your very wrong.

    even with NO veg time, straight to 12/12 they will still out produce a damn low ryder
  6. Save your seeds for the spring.
  7. I have them safe in a bag.:D

    Here is what the seeds came from...before I smoked it last night...

    Might get a pretty decent plant out of them.


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