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  1. So I'm tracking my order from Attitude, had "sweets" sent with the order, and it got into New York on the 17th, now it's the 23rd and I still haven't gotten it. Any reason to be alarmed or normal?
  2. People had the same problem, Email them let them know what is going on and ask them what they can or will do about the situation. They will most likely send you free seeds. It happens sometimes. They get hung up at Customs Exchange
  3. New York means its passed customs already - no worries - just be patient!

    that is - if its at the ISC.
  4. I'll be patient. Thanks chem_dawg.
  5. It shouldn't take 7 days to get from NY to Fla. Any updates?
  6. What was your shipping method? It can take up to 3 weeks for an international package to reach its destination.
  7. imo, be patient. Mine the other week took a bit to get from customs to me.
  8. mine came in literally 3 days. I <3 attitude way more than drchronic + seedbay
  9. I had the same problem, My package seemed to sit in NY for ever, never got any updates from ups tracking then BAM they showed up at my door step.
  10. Yea, for some reason when they reach a major routing center they don't get updated sometimes. I've found about 50% of my international orders once they reach the US don't update their tracking info anymore.
  11. I had the same experience.
    Last time I ordered from The Attitude it took a week to the day to the east coast.:D : LOVE The Attitude!!:smoking:
  12. The seeds just got here today. No problems ;-)
  13. See, there the BOMB!:hello:

    Good luck with those beans, hope there all girls!
  14. Damn sure better be, I paid extra for femed seeds.
  15. glad to see they turned up, never heard a bad word yet about attitude
  16. I actually had a bad experience with them last time. Ordered Super Lemon Haze and Indica Mix I of Greenhouse Seed Co seeds and NONE of them hatched, and of course they wouldn't replace them. Total bummer there, I might try a new company next crop.
  17. shit fair enough, i shouldnt of said that lol : )

    how come u bought from them again when ur last exp was so bad? & how much did u spend on the bad ones (hope u dont mind my asking, u can tell me to mind my own biz lol)

  18. wow.... thats pretty lame.

    i've heard nothing but good things about attitude.

    did you use the same method you have previously had success with to germinate your seeds from green house? or is this ur first grow. i am curious if its human error or bad seeds. cracking seeds isnt rocket science i had 95% success rate for my first grow
  19. From the greenhouse website: house seed company guarantees the viability of all its seeds.
    In the unlikely event that you have a problem with germination, take pictures of the germination process and keep the seeds and the pack, as well as proof of purchase.
    Then use the contact form on our website and we will provide you with assistance to get a replacement, free of charge.

    no replacements will be considered without proof of payment and comprehensive description of germination
  20. damn crooks.

    their the crackdealers in the seed market.

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