Seeds from attitude for my first grow.

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  1. So i am setting up for my first actual grow inside, and was wondering your opinions on these strains. my plan is to grow 4 plants at a time in a 2.5 x 2.5 tent. even though its my first grow i wanna grow the best of the best for my use. any strains you think i would like better?
    OG Kush, LA Confidential, Vanilla Kush, AK-47, and Diesel Ryder (as my autoflower)
    I want to do a scrog on two of the plants to increase my yield, and 1 autoflower. do you guys think the autoflower would be done before i switch my lights to 12/12? or would it not be a good idea to do an auto?
    i posted these questions here but didnt get much of a response.
  2. Depends on the overall hieght you want your photoperiods to be. I cant imagine wanting to veg for 60 days unless you want to turn those things into moster bushes. I veg under 24 for upto 5 weeks and no more and end up with 5-6 footers after flowering is done.

    I would throw some Subcool in the mix!

  3. how long do you think the veg time would be for the average scrog? i could start my auto a couple weeks early that way i have bud to smoke while the others are flowering.
  4. What can you say tkb knows what hes talking about!

  5. thanks man thats what ill probably do.

    not sure what the average veg time is for a scrog but i wanna start my auto early cause im sick and tired of dealing with dealers and spending lots of money for high quality bud

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