Seeds from a Female Plant????

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  1. I just harvested. Everything went pretty well. I had one plant that was Hermie, I believe. It had lots of single leaves. But still flowered extremely well. Anyway my question is, I got about 5 seeds out of the entire plant. What are these seeds going to be? Male or Female?

    Is there any way of really knowing without sexing them. Should I just toss them out. I do not want to grow them, and sex them. If I could be somewhat assured they are going to be female. I'll use them.

    Any advice would be helpful.
  2. If the pollen was from the hermie, I think they are feminized. I googled how to make fem seeds and I think that is how it was done (non chemically).

    Google or search here may be able to turn up your answers.
  3. Thanks for the rapid response. I am not sure about the pollen or where it came from. All I did was get cuttings from a friend and grow. I just had the one plant that was a little strange. It had lots of single leaves, however it was my best plant. It grew like crazy, and I only pulled like 4 seeds out of the entire plant, and the plant yielded about 1/4 lb. I just dont want to use these seeds, and accidentally grow males, and have pollen problems. I should probably read a little more about pollination. Anyway I hope they are female it was a great strain, I did not save any clippings.
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    doesnt that mean if your plant hermis and pollinated its self those would be feminized seeds also? or is it becuse the plant actualy had some type of male genes that chanes are still 50/50 of female seeds..?

    regardless nothing to worry about still shud be a good smoke...i have a hermie my self....
    but i got buds like a muthafuka...just a ball here or ther..i pick them threw its whole flowering stage.
    since im only dealing with one plant
  5. As far as I understand, hermie seeds are worthless as they are like 90% hermaphroditic. IF I'm not mistaken, female seeds are obtained by obtaining a super stress resistant female, then pollinating it with the pollen from ANOTHER plant that has hermie'd. Again, I'm really hazy on the subject.

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
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    * I added the part with the asterisks.

    This is from another forum :

    Submitted by: Lord Of The Strains
    Contributed on: 02-20-2004

    How can I get my plants to produce femenized seeds?

    There are two methods that I am familiar with; Light-Poisoning, and Gibberellic Acid Treatment, both forcing female plants to produce male flowers and pollinate themselves. I have employed both methods, and both have yielded satisfactory results.


    LIGHT-POISONING METHOD: During the first three weeks of flowering, turn the lights on for an hour during the middle of the dark period. That is, 12 hrs. on, 5.5 hrs. off, 1 hr. on, 5.5 hrs. off, and repeat for the first 3 weeks, after which you may return to the normal 12/12 light cycle. This causes a plant to go "hermie" and pollinate itself, as well as any other female in the room. You must use plants originating only from female seeds or clones to ensure that no male chromosomes are present. The resulting seeds will produce NO MALE PLANTS!

    GIBBERELLIC ACID TREATMENT: Select your favorite female plant and spray it from approx. two feet away (first under the leaves, then on top). This must be done 2 weeks before the plant is put into the flowering light cycle, thus the need to start with female seeds/clones. DO NOT SMOKE BUD TREATED WITH GIBBERELLIC ACID! Spray the plant again after 2 weeks have passed, and place it under 12/12 lighting. This plant will "hermie" and pollinate itself and other females present. It will not produce as much pollen as a pure male, thus less seeds. However, these seeds will be 100% female.

    Now, femenized seeds have also been known to produce hermaphrodites. This is just an evolutionary safety precaution to ensure the survival of the species in the event of environmental catastrophe. All seeds have the potential to hermie. Variables such as pH levels, lighting scenarios, fertilizer problems, etc. will also be factors in the outcome of the plant's sex. Just keep 'em healthy, and give them your tender, loving care, and you should be fine.
  7. So what should I do with my seeds?

    I just ordered white widow today.
  8. I would grow them. I am an experimenter though. I will try to post some piccs f my experiments soon.
  9. I plan on it. When do males actually start to pollinate?
  10. When the pollen sacs open and the pollen is carried to a female with pistils ready to receive.
  11. So if I were to have 4 seeds and I were to grow them all 12 inches tall, then I changed the light to 12 and 12 and sexed them. Ok once I first see the seeds start to form, i then just terminate the males? How long into the flower process before the males actually pollinate?

    Out of the 4 lets say 2 are male, will the male sack's pollinate the female pistols at a early stage. When is it too late during the sexing process?
  12. They will be female plants, but will have a high chance of turning hermie. If you grow the seeds, and they do hermie, as soon as she shows the bananas, just slice the sacks off her with a scalpal, making sure not the damage the budsite, and if you do miss a few sacks, sure what the hell, more seeds for your next grow. Her buds will be just the same as any other female plant at harvest, the only energy the plant uses for making the seeds, will be where the seeds were pollinated, and it doesnt effect potency either.

  13. I have never let a male reach the point of pollination so I am not sure how long it takes for the sacs to open. Google would tell ya.

    They will only pollinate after the sacs open as I said. I am not sure how long that would take.

    If you catch them as soon as balls develop and kill them, you will not have any problems. Then you will have totally sinsemilla herb.
  14. awesome thanks for everyones help. :hello:

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