Seeds forming on multiple strains.

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  1. To start, I grew in the past, long story short, I got out of the hobby once I almost got caught. Fast forward a few years, I'm helping a friend grow, he's not that knowledgeable. From my experience, I never had any males, and only one ever went hermie, however, what he's got going on is entirely new to me.

    Four entirely different strains, grown from seeds procured from a major online seedbank that I had used in the past to great success, are producing seeds, and not just one or two here and there, from what I can see, all four are covered. I searched and saw zero evidence of any bananas, although his grow space is cramped and hard to move around in, which means I couldn't do a thorough inspection. But you'd figure that you'd see atleast a couple bananas here and there with the sheer amount of seeds. A week ago when I last looked at it, there was no evidence that there were any seeds.

    To my knowledge, the only thing he's changed recently was adding a T5HO to the underside of the plants, and he did mention that the light was on at odd hours. His 1000w HPS is running on 220v with a timer that fits the 220v plug, the T5HO was on a 110v with a different timer. He said that he only had put the light in a week ago, while the plants were on their fourth week of flowering (9 week flowering plants). I dont see how that could cause them to both hermie and produce seeds to that degree in a week's time.

    Thoughts, ideas, anything?
  2. Do a more thorough inspection, there's gotta be some balls in there. If there aren't, maybe there's a wild male growing in the yard. Has he ever just thrown bagseeds around along the treeline of his yard or something? Maybe another friend is growing and has some males, pollen got carried...
    That's about it, seeds won't happen without pollen
  3. To my knowledge there is no one growing around him. But technically, wouldn't outdoor plants still be vegging (in the U.S.)? I already thought it could be outside contamination, but I just couldn't see there being any local indoor grows nearby, atleast not close enough to fully pollinate 4 different strains.
  4. Either indoor pollination or outdoors

    IMO extract all the plants inspect each close

    before returning plants clean out walls floor and roof

    also the venting system/ top of lights

    spray water and bleach 10% is good allow to dry

    then return

    still if you found no male or herm

    then the pollen can only come from outside

    good luck

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