Seeds for the largest harvest.

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  1. Can someone help me find a link or name for bud that will have a large harvest. Thanks,
  2. That looks nice have you ever grown this strain?
  3. All of Highgrade Seeds super strains (listed on the topmost part of the webpage) were bred specifically for big harvests. Here's a pic of just one of them called Purple Cindy. That's one plant in the pic below. Yielded 16 oz.

  4. Just grow'em big a friend of mine gets 25-35 oz of just one plant and he grows 4 of them at a time to keep his plant numbers down . He uses 45 gallon pots and vegs them for a couple months and pulls them down useing LST training.That's indoors . Outdoors in the summer he uses 6 foot / 20inch deep holes filled with his mix and he pulls 3 pounds even on his lower yeilding strains 4-5 pounds on higher yeilding strains that just on one plant. So grow'em big if you can the less plants the better off you are.
  5. Judging by the amount of posts you have on the Attitude on this forum (and your dissing of almost any other seed bank) I am beginning to think you work for them.

    FYI you don't need 1200w to get that yield - it's partly in the genetics and the fact that it was grown in hydro. But then again you wouldn't know that as you have never grown Purple Cindy. :rolleyes:
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    I'm with TKB.What's with all the HGS spamming using that same pic?

    +1 with the Critical Mass.Serious Seeds Chronic will give you big yields as well
  7. If they're mainstream strains you recommend then most other seed banks would carry them yet you promote only Attitude, despite their high seizure rate, despite their fiasco with people's credit cards getting billed with iPads and the fact that they sell genetics with mutant or ditch weed lineages aka femmed or auto seeds.

    You and a few others are on every post/thread on the Attitude despite all the above. And you slam almost all other seed banks some of which you have never even tried. It's common knowledge amongst the informed that Attitude has paid promoters. A few years back Doc Chronic was the darling around here. There isn't a single thread I have seen on the Doc for ages. And that's not because the "Doc hates Americans BS" or "I never got my seeds from the Doc" or "my seeds from the Doc didn't come in breeder backs". So it beckons how much of your "rep" is exactly genuine.
  8. The already mentioned Critical Mass by Mr. Nice Seeds.
    Big Bud by Sensi Seeds.
    Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds, because people keep saying that they are getting some really nice harvests off it.
  9. tk - Highgrade has been around since 2002 long before Attitude ever came on the scene. I believe if you check most seed bank reviews Highgrade has earned his stripes. Ditto with Doc Chronic. Attitude has only been around a couple of years and has had people's credit cards hacked and orders seized by customs.

    Attitude just guarantees delivery on orders that include additional shipping costs. Highgrade guarantees delivery on all orders.

    As for my posts I would suggest you take a close look at your posts before blowing any more hot air. :rolleyes:
  10. I've been smoking and growing most likely since you were still in diapers.

    The only thing watered down is your argument and you prove it with each post you make.

    You need to be spoon fed but I ain't going to be the one to do that. :rolleyes:
  11. Seems I have caused quite a ruccus here :/
  12. LOL trying to tell TKB off? Cali that just looks bad... Im on here for info not a hang off. And what TKB says about mr. nice is true. He is "THE MAN" when it comes to the most well known strains of our time, you just can't argue that. If you really feel like you are right for try telling people false info, try telling everyone McDonalds is the least successful fast food chain on the planet and see where that takes ya. I mean you cant possibly loose that one. :rolleyes:

    TKB used attitude as a seed bank to access reputable breeders. If you look on their website attitude does not produce their own seeds. They sell seeds from the best breeders in the world, like mr nice and tga subcool.

    I go to places like attitude bc I KNOW FOR A FACT, that unless highgrade took cuttings of mr. nice black widow they do NOT have the real white widow. Even though they are advertising their white widow as being so. What TKB is probably saying is dont call your strain WHITE WIDOW if it is INDEED a watered out cross, call it something else. Hense the WHOLE reason the real white widow is now called Black Widow by its creator, to avoid confusion of crap breeders that keep coming out with mut strains.

    Where was highgrade when the real white widow was winning cups in the 90's? They were still a nut in someones ball sack. BUT on the other hand attitude carries the true breeder of that strain, Mr. Nice. So even though attitude have been around a little less longer than your highgrade seeds, it really dont matter one bit. What really matters is who carries the right strains from the right breeders. I want the real thing, not someone elses knock off. Some people are happy with the almosts.

    If you dont like attitude cali, use world wide seeds, seedbay, or seedboutique. All these places provide you with the access you need for the "real deal." TKB is not on here all the time to represent attitude and his posts are appreciated by the blades. He has done more work on this forum than most others will ever do and is just trying to help.
  13. The owner of HGS is also a plain ass. He loves to be on his forum denigrating Americans and the US. He spews his vitriol then smiles as he says send me your money. If you call or challange him on his statements or defend someone he has deemed a pariah both you and he are banned from the site. I know, that is one of the reasons I found this forum. I am also aware of several more former HGS fans who have left for better environs. This has nothing to do with the genetics he or anyone else has, it is just a heads up to those who would rather send their money to someone who appreciates all customers not just those whos political views reflect his. Just my off topic .02

    The guy in the pic is called Earl and he IS a great grower. We had been having some nice conversations when I was banned from there. I was subbed to that grow too.
  14. Many seed banks sell different versions of WW. And if you think you're getting the best WW at either GHS or Mr. Nice that *ahem* "won" the Cannabis Cup then you're smoking your nutes. I have grown WW from GHS and Mr. Nice. Neither of the two was as potent nor yielded as much that the WW that I grew from HGS. Ditto with AK47, White Russian, NL, Kush and many other well known strains. If you want to pay inflated prices and are suckered into believing that you're getting something better when buying from Attitude etc then knock yourself out. I'll stick with what I have seen.

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