Seeds: Feminized Vs. Regular

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by muchomango420, May 11, 2011.

  1. To a newbie grower when i see feminized I'm thinking shit yea all female seeds: boss, but i now know they are genetically altered to most likely be a female Can someone please explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of feminized vs. regular? Like say i buy 5 feminized seeds for 55 dollars then +14 for shipping does that mean i am going to get say 4-5 female plants what is the success rate of a feminized seed from your personal experience I am going to post this in 1-2 other sections as i seek an intelligent answer by 6 pm eastern for i wish to order my seeds today (I will delete other threads once answered correctly)
  2. I've ordered fem. seeds a few times. They have always turned out to be female and they all grew good. If you order fem. seeds you know if your plants survive that you will have buds also if all your plants are female you don't have to worry about a male plant making your buds all seedy if it's not pulled in time. Feminized seeds are great IMO
  3. Yea but i am in a grey area with how fem seeds can be "hermies" or something i have no idea of what that is,I am just being safe after trying to resarch about fem seeds i came across a google article of people bashing them saying they are a waste if money etc
  4. Well hermies are plants that are both male and female. That just means that the same plant will have pollen sacks and pistils(bud sights) and could pollinate itself. If a female plants comes into contact with male pollen your buds will have seeds. I've never personally had a fem. seed be a hermie but I'm sure it has happened to others. Out of the twenty fem. seeds I've ordered all were female and grew to maturity. So IMO fem. is the way to go for a small personal crop.

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