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Seeds-Fast/Indoor/Relitivey easy to grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smoke me Up, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Giving up on my bag seeds it's schwag anyway gonna give it another week it will be one week this sunday, so far I have seen very little to no progressin their germenation and I have like 4 different batches doing different things, either I really suck seeds are bad or i have no clue...but going to have to ask this question soone ror later and I'm looking at sooner right, but I was looking at seeds direct. Does anyone have any recomendations what kind slash why? was looking at power plant-w/w-maui wowie (but I think that prefers green house)-Ice- and someothers, really antyhing you say will help lol, or if you have another site with that might deliver faster or something...well enough babbling..I think you've gotten the point atleast 4 times uhh ya...

    -frustration sets in-lets go smoke some pot-ahhh that's better
  2. Personally i was a little disappointed with the strength of Powerplant. My advice would be to try something with a heavy skunk influence as they tend to be easy to get good results with, are high yeilding and are generally cheap to buy
  3. Well...from my first grow (which will be done fairly soon) i do NOT recommend Ice as your first grow...i tried it, and its just not a beginner plant. My first successful grow was from Cyber Cristal, from Nirvana. I would say that all around its an easily maintainable plant, grows nicely, and yields not too bad. Its obviously not your 500 gr yielding power plant...but its your first grow...your learning!!

    Personally, i would stick with some bag seed. And...if you have no patience, growing is NOT for you!! You have to give the plants time, a whole lotta time, for them to do their thing!

    I wish ya luck!!

  4. i agree, patience is a virtue in this hobby. I have some sensi stars that have been at clone for over 2 months now, almost lost them twice due to various conditions. But they are coming around nicely now. You just have to let nature do its tricks from time to time, keep em damp and the lights on a good schedule, and be ready to fight insects and disease and all will be well.
  5. ohh I usually have tons of patience but the thing that ran through my mind is that...seed direct is in another fin country...and probably will take like amonth to why not order early? so by the time i am finished with this harvest i will have the seeds waiting for the new crops because this is just bag seed and unless I do a super job maintaining these i just don't think it will be worth reproducing again
  6. Well.....actually, you would be very surprised at what bagseed might getcha!! If it was good enough to smoke once, why not grow it...and do it that many more times?!

    Also, about seedsdirect...I live in WA, and they were absolutly awesome at shipping. I got my order in one week!! absolutly no problems, and i would definatly recommend them to anyone! and hey, also...this is a hobby where as much time and effort you put into it...youll get that much more, if not more than that out of it!

    Also, what kinda lights you have? Also, what kinda budget are you on? growing isnt THAT expensive, but it is something you have to put a good penny into!

    So, having that said...its all up to you, if you wanna spend money to get some seeds......To each his own!!!

    Best of luck to ya!!

  7. for now I just have some floros that i had stocked...contemplating buying or building a HPS system most likely 400w-I'm thinking for the first crop ScrOG then make myself some bubblers and expand alil bit it's been 6days and still no sprouts I have 9 deli pound lil plastic cups that have been sterilized-put some potting soil in and planted some seeds then i have several paper towels going and I have a moist J cloth in a sandwich bag...farely warm in here alaways and they get lots of water...only things i can really think of is alot of cigarrettes are burned in this house...but never in the grow room...and the seeds aren't dead...cause they aren't black..even then i've heard of people growing black I have no clue I'm just waiting and hoping

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