Seeds dont seem to be germinating..

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  1. Have 4 autoflowering in paper towels right now. Theyve been there for about 4 days now. Only 2 seem to be slightly breaking through the shell. The other 2 arent doing anything. Should I wait a little or what?
  2. they can take up to 12 days depending on conditions but are usually out within the first day or two. i'd say keep them moist,warm,dark, and just hope :) good luck
  3. How long have you had the seeds lying around?i had one that were lying around for3-4 weeks and they didnt germanate like he said could take time longest mine took was a week but i just had mine in a bowl with some water in it
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    Possibility the 2 are dead seeds? Last time I germinated took only about 4 days total. They are in a dark area, its warm, they're moist, the bag is 80% closed. I'll give them a few more days then I'm putting 2 new ones in.

    laying around? like not using? had them for 2 weeks before germinating.
  5. bump, any other ideas?
  6. just let them do there thing, sometimes it just takes longer. no sense in throwing away your seeds (which you paid for), keep em' goin.
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    definately give them some time, I've got autos going now too, and have seen the same thing you are... a few take off at a faster pace, and then a few more come tagging along a while later.... out of 12, 10 germed, 3 quite a bit faster than the others... even now at about the end of the second week after germ, you can see the difference in the size of the plants... those that cracked later have just come out with there first set of serrated leaves, while the others are on thier second set... Funny, but I started 4 GWS autos a few days after the AK, 2 of those sprouted before some of the AKs started earlier.
  8. Im also doing 4 auto gws. But thanks for all the input everyone. Saturday will be a week of germinating, hopefully I'll have them in by Thursday.

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