Seeds don’t work but cuttings do?if

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  1. hi guys,

    I’ve been growing for years and have my environment down to a tee. I have grown 22 cuts and 2 seeds in a tent and the two seeds were terrible. I did a few grows of 24 cuts and everything fine for a couple years. I’ve now just grown 8 under the same lights and veg’d them HUGE, five of them were cuts and 3 of them were totally different feminised seeds from a different seed company to the one I’d used a couple years ago. Basically the seeds will produce pathetic airy buds with 0 Crystal on them. I use an autopot. Any ideas?
  2. Get better seeds.
    The name brands of Dinafem, DutchPassion, Sweet, Humboldt, Mephisto (autos), plus many more, are excellent.
  3. I didn’t think it would be the seeds as they were from a reputable breeder. I thought it may have been something to do with flipping them into flower and feeding flower nutes from that day onwards, maybe not giving them a week to adjust?

    The last 3 seeds were barneys farm, Cali seeds and I’m unsure of the third off the top of my head
  4. You have years of experience growing dope; I'm a rookie at reefer.
    I have, however, grown other things... such as geraniums (both from seed and cutting).
    The two could hardly be more different, in their needs, as they grow up.
    I Googled the Autopot; that's a watering system; does it give the same amount of water to all the plants?
    The seeds may well have watering needs different from the cuttings.
    Just a thought
  5. Hi,

    I wouldn’t say so, they look healthy when in veg and in flower, it’s only when the cuttings start packing on the weight the seeds seem to go the other way

    That was my first guess though as I’m sure all of the seeds I buy aren’t duds.
  6. sorry, 9 grow autos so never grew a cannabis plant from clone, only seed but have don't dozens and dozens of clones / cuttings in my veggie tent / garden.
    One thing to keep in mind is that from clones / cuttings you know exactly what to expect in the plant, how it will grow, times to harvest, any special nutrient requirements it wants, etc because it will be identical to the mother. most mothers are chosen for their superior quality(s). From a seed on the other hand you have the variable of different pheno's so each plant can be different, even from seeds out vol the same batch / packet.
    sound like you are getting seeds from quality breeders. Could it be you are just dialed in on growing certain strains ofd cuttings. the seed plants can vary drastically in harvest time, especially compared to other strains. if you are harvesting the seed plants at the same time as the cuttings, those plants may simply have not reached maturity yet. Whenever I've gotten airy buds it was almost always pulling the plant for harvest too early. and with very little visible resin on the buds it seems to confirm the "early" possibility.
    sorry, without having all your grow info i'm just trying to take guesses here.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yes it may be that they need longer, but I always give them the right amount. Surely 4 different indica strains don’t need much longer than 9 weeks flower... I haven’t got any photos but They look almost like they’re 2/3 weeks into flower.... I can’t see any thc on them... I’ll just try giving them longer
  8. Those clones came from plants which were once seeds, it's just they were likely selected because they have desirable traits. All seeds are a gamble and may not have the traits you desire

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