seeds direct

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by the rainman!, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. this company was stright up and sent what i order they were great and i await the strains test but they look good and i think their strains well be as good as there name! 5 stars so far! and i would do orders with them any day of week!tazz11
  2. I have only heard great thing's about seedsdirect . Especially nirvana strains since they are cheap ($15for10seeds) and the genetics are great .
  3. your right they do good by their fans ,germ rate are good to ,some thing i liked was they would even find strains if the company would ship to the usa ,that is great for breaders that want rare strains that are not ship to the usa,this is some that makes me work with them as for they are welling to help the smokers as well as auctions threw the edge ,they have my vote as a friend to the smoke as well as the collectors.good luck tazz11

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