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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Hobbes, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. well on october 20th i recieved a mail from the company saying theyve sent out my order... and here i sit on the i dont even know what'th and i have yet to see hide nor hare of my seeds and I'm out 170 bucks.... and i have no beans to start with... if anyone would like to lend a sympathetic ear please hit me up on aim at Schrananapuss... id LOVE to talk with you about.... uuuuh.... stuff :) but for real drop me a line on AIM
  2. give it time, it's only been six days.........where did you get them from, seeds dirct Canada or U.K.....?..........Peace out......Sid

  3. I think its been like 36 days Sid. October 20, not Nov 20.

    Have you tried talking with Seedsdirect and finding out what happened?
  4. lol....didn't notice that.......i was just out of my bed't woken up out......Sid
  5. here ya go everything that has been said so far

    ---------- Seeds Direct ----------------------- Oct 20:

    Woo friggin' hoo!

    Expect some incoming!

    Your recent mail order from has been packed up and shipped off to you.

    Good luck with your garden.

    Take care,

    Plural of Mongoose

    ---------- Pot Mac Gyver ----------------------- Nov 06:

    ummmmmmm... I know I'm suppose to be patient with my order and all but it took u guys a week to send this e-mail to me after i put the money order in the mail and nearly f16 days after reciving this notice i have yet to see anything in the mail.... should i still be hopeful or should i consider
    my hundred and seventy dollars a lost cause?? please someone.. anyone... just write me and tell me whats hapening from your end or what i can expect..... thank you very much.. look forward to hearing from u

    ---------- Seeds Direct ----------------------- Nov 06:

    We cant help that it took a week to get here I'm afraid and post is variable at the moment due to postal strikes in the UK. Post is arriving



    ---------- Pot Mac Gyver ----------------------- Nov 21:

    I was just wondering if its normal for an order to take this long to come through.. i know on your site it told me to be patient and that orders could take one to four weeks to ship but it has already been more than four weeks and i recieved my e-mail confirmation on october 20th.... I'm just
    wondering if i should stop wondering if its going to be shiped and if i could just consider the $170 dollars i spent on it as gone forever... thank you very much for your time and i look forward to hearing from you

    ---------- Seeds Direct ----------------------- Nov 25:

    You should have had that by now. Have you checked at the post office. If you used an alias the postman may sometimes not deliver it.



    ---------- Pot Mac Gyver ----------------------- Nov 26:

    Nope nothing, check my mail every day.. n no alias, it was addressed to the person whoes name is on the po box........ bummer i was really looking forward to those white widdow's

    ---------- Seeds Direct ----------------------- Nov 26:

    Unfortunately I am unable to do reships to PO Boxes due to the unsecure nature of them. All we can do is wait for it to arrive.


  6. so like i said *cough cough* if anyones willing to LEND a sympathetic ear please drop me a line through AIM at Schrananapuss or hell leave me your aim in a PM or on this thread and well have a chat

    ;-) talk to ya then
  7. well...i think they still do a good job.

    ive always gotten what i wanted. i got some sucky seeds from them once but i think it wasnt his fault but the grower. question i will go to them again if needed.
  8. I've had two *very* good experiences with Seeds Direct, both orders showed up within a week of the confirmation email. It's possible the parcel got intercepted before hitting your PO Box. Bummer.

    Tell ya what, give me a (secure) mail address - not the same one you used for the shipment in question - and I'll pop a few out to ya, Gypsy included some extras in my order and maintaining good karma dictates I share the wealth...

    Feel better?


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