Seeds @ Chicago Customs 2 months to the day.

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  1. Let's say, hypothetically, I am in Texas and I have ordered from a seed bank in another country successfully 2 times before. Each time the shipping took a little longer to get the souvenirs I ordered.
    However, the 3rd order (according to tracking info) been at Chicago Customs preparing for shipment since Sept. 13th!
    Should I be concerned? I kind of wish I would receive a green taped box or something. Not knowing is killing me. I have written it off but I am starting to question if I should shut down my (very small) operation.
    For what its worth; this is for a very sick cancer patient.

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    Chicago is the roughest customs office for the US, but I wouldn't worry for at least another week.

    Sometimes, they'll even show up after a month to 6 weeks, and sometimes, they just disappear. No green taped package, no letter, no nothing.

    Did you order from a company that will reship if they're seized?

    And, don't worry that you're going to get busted. I've never heard of anyone ordering small numbers of seeds getting anything more than the green taped package & a letter saying the seeds were taken.

    Sorry to hear about your health problems, and I hope things work out for you.
  3. i ordered from attitude in nov 2014 and did not receive my package either. i ordered again about 3 weeks ago from alibongo with the same result. both orders tracked fine untill they reach chicago and then the tracking just stopped. i have ordered from attitude 12 other times with never any problems. i am starting to wonder if anything is getting thru chicago now? i have never heard of anyone getting into trouble but anything is possible i guess. has anyone else had problems in chicago lately? 

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