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  1. I have been looking around for blueberry seeds for a long time if anyone can hook me up with them please e-mail me.Seeds are legal in canada too :D but I am will to work something out with anyone anywhere.
  2. Just thought I let everyone know that, you will be my savier if you do this and that marijuana seeds are 100% legal in canada so you dont have to worry about legal matters :D
  3. ...STILL LOOKING...I may give money TO SOME for this strain...
  4. You've looked at Emery's site ? Pricy.....yes. $325 for 10 seeds GEEEEEES

    Someone offered me bubbleberry seeds not long ago.......I'll see if I can get my brain to remember who and where. :)

    Dutch Passion says they ship only to Europe (France ,Germany) 10 seeds 135 Dutch Gilders
    (about 56.91 U.S.Dollars.

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  5. A. Hookups are not allowed.(asking or offering)

    B. Its been 11 years.......
  6. C. EPIC BUMP!


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