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Seeds/Balls in my weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Didoe20, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Hi so i got an offer from my guy, $15 for 2g and i bought it.. so i grind the stuff and it kind of smells strange and i find some.. white balls or seeds in it, any ideas what that might be? I attatched a pic so you can see

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  2. Just as you suspected those are seeds.

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  3. So nothing bad is gonna happen if i smoke it right? Im kind of new and ive never had seeds before in my stuff
  4. Not bad for you, but you probably wanna pick out any that you can find. They taste terrible and can give you a headache of you smoke 'em.

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  5. Yeah and they also make the hit a lot harsher (for me at least)
  6. man weed has came a long way im astounded that someone has never seen a seed in their bag before
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  7. Took me 7 years to see a seed, and even then it wasn't from a pickup, just a bag of seeds from a friend.
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  8. Seeds will pop like firecrackers if you don't see them in your bowl while you spark it up. Nothing bad will happen, just might startle you if you didn't see it there.
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  9. Thats why they call em hippy grenades^
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  10. i've been smoking bout 27 years i grew up in the mountains of WV back in the day the only time you generally got really good weed was from harvest till winter was about over then it was whatever you could find usually mexican brick. im so happy i can find/smoke dank all year round now.
  11. Another question :D Can i grow some with the seeds from it ?
  12. Funny you mention that, one time about 6 years ago, I was smokin' in our bands' old basement with some of my buddies, and after me and our drummer threw down and matched bowls of dank, our other friend says he wants to pitch in, too. Now, he's got the run of the mill mids that our town used to be flooded with yearly, except his were a little fresher and potent than usual, even though it still had seeds. For some odd reason, instead of just packing my spoon that we were already using, he pulls out his little glass piece that I'd remembered had a crack or three from some previous insanity.

    He takes a massive nug of this mid-grade, nary a pause to de-seed it, stuffs it in and takes a massive rip. This shit barely makes it one full rotation around, and the second time it's back to him, he tries to outdo his first hit, and as he's torching the living fuck out of the bowl, I hear the unmistakable sounds of like 5-6 seeds crackling at once, followed by this glass popping noise, and he immediately starts coughing his lungs out and spitting out massive black chunks of eaten failure.

    Turns out one of the hippie grenades at the bottom of the bowl blew and managed to make the crack inside the bowl give way, effectively breaking out the entire inside of said bowl. I told him he was lucky to have not sucked up any shards in the process, as there were several. First and only time I've ever seen a piece made casualty by a fucking seed of all things, lol, needless to say, everyone else in the circle was dying with laughter, as he's ranting about making his dealer hook him up with a freebie to replace the pipe his mids just broke.

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  13. Yes. Just try to find some darker color seeds, avoid those white ones.
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