Seeds available a buck a piece!!

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  1. Please email for details!!

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  2. Umm i duno, should i delete this or not? Because this is advertising, but it is hard to get good deals on seeds and the city don't sell em.
  3. I'll send some for you, maybe a friend or a needy smoker may want them!!!

  4. I don't qulaify this as advertising. He didn't promote a web page, post his email adress, and didn't quote a price. So is it advertising?

    I don't see any probs with it
  5. well if they're good seeds i guess he should be able to do this
  6. hello, sir or madam, or to whom this may concern.

    this is your wildman at demand, im looking to buy
    seeds to plant, in quantity im looking to buy about
    200 to 400 seeds, if their is any one who can meet this demand please let me no as soon as possible.

    thank you
  7. I just worry because someone like ^^^^^^^^ could be a cop or a cop might now want to be busting them, i duno. But whatever its all good i'll let this stay.
  8. per your comment please send info a
  9. if someone has bought seeds from this dealer, I'd greatly appreciate if you told me whether he is for real and if it's good stuff... that's all i hve to say

    peace and happy growin
  10. please send me more info on this subject.......

    also i had a question i live in washington, can u still send them to me?????/

    i am very interested in seeds ....
  11. I have LOTS of HIGH quality seeds that I am willing to sell for just $1.00 per seed shipped. I live in IL, USA. So if you live in USA shipping is FAST, you will receive in about 2-3 days... I will send same day payment is received. I can accept Cash, Money Order, Check, or PAYPAL payments. If you want to buy 50 seeds then pay only $30. 100 seeds for only $50!

    Now if you want the BEST quality seeds, such as White Rhino and all the top Hydro seeds those costs a little more. Those run at over $20 a seed + you have to pay more for shipping. And all the websites are located out of USA so your paying at least $5-10 shipping just on seeds. My prices include shipping in the price, which is almost nothing! Now for the White Rhino and ohter "name brand" hydro seeds I can sell these at $5 per seed shipped. Save more money when you buy more... 10 for just $25 or 25 for $50. 100 of these for $120 shipped. That is a $2,000 value for $120 from me. This week only. The reason I can do this is because I know HUGH growers within my area and they are giving me all there seeds that they have extra. And when you grow dro if you leave the males the seeds get into the buds for the dro(hydro weed). And they pick the seeds out because they dont like selling hydro with seeds in it, so they give me the seeds for free. But of course I am going to ask some money, especially when they are worth SO much more then I am selling to you for.

    Just PM(privite message) me back and I will let you know more information if you need. Thanks

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