Seeds are on their way!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GrowAtHome, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. My seeds should be in by around Tuesday. I'm excited but also worried. I'm going to keep everyone updated with my seeds, and with my grow!

    Was anyone else incredibly anxious after ordering their first seeds to grow!?
  2. they're coming bro

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  3. I was a bit anxious, more about getting ripped off than any legal issues. But I'm in a legal state. Still, seizures do happen. As far as I've heard though, they'll just seize the seeds. They won't be knocking on your door.

    I was also a bit anxious because these were going to be the first plants that I paid money for. I didn't want to mess up and lose a $20 seed! But I'd had successes with bag seeds and a gifted plant. So that countered my fear with excitement and confidence. So far I've planted two of those seeds and both are doing great! Just do your research. Have a plan going in, but be flexible.

    Left is Auto Skunk #1, Day 17. Started low stress training a couple days ago. Right is Fruit Punch Auto, day 34. No training.

    Good luck!

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  4. she ll make a nice salad. wash it thoroughly before consuming
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  5. After reading all the information about seeds getting confiscated, that's my main worry. I got mine from someone off Strainly, and they have wonderful reviews. I went with low price regular seeds. Not autos either. They went through the customs stop very quickly so I'm sure they are still on the way.
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  6. I'm pretty sure the worst the can happen is customs sends you a letter saying they were confiscated and even that is rare I think. Seed banks want to stay in business and keep their customers happy and getting the product to the customer discreetly is a top priority.
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  7. the better seedbanks will change up shipping techniques every so often to combat seizures. the attitude was getting seized back in 2013 14 &15 but they made some changes and now most are getting thru. they also offer a $12 shipping guarantee which i try to get everytime unless i am low on money at the time. i have only lost one shipment from the UK and it was during the xmas promo in 2015. me and my friend both ordered on the same day and both of our orders was seized in chicago. no letter or green tape, they just did not show up. i assume that customs had the attitudes return address on the watch list by that time. i am a collector of fem seeds form the UK. i order more than i can ever use just to have a nice selection on hand. i usually end up trading & selling some of my seeds to fellow growers so they do not get old on me.
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  8. I have ordered all my seeds online and only had 2 packs taken by customs. (In Chicago) Both times I sent an email to the company and they sent out new orders and I received them about a week later. Sometimes the packages can take a week sometimes 3 weeks.

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  9. I'm just excited to do my first grow! That's what this post is really about. I'm starting small, and hope to be able to have my DIY charcoal filter up and running by time they flower. Gotta do a stealth grow because my neighbors are prudes and would not approve of Marijuana, regardless of legality.

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