Seeds and storage?

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  1. Hey...
    I have some nice seeds and won't use them all right away but don't wanna mess with the quality being that they are all fems and expensive too. What is the best storage for seeds and how long can we keep them before we use them? PEACE:p
  2. i think probly the freezer. i heard keeping tree in it helps preserve the dankness and potency
  3. Don't freeze them. seeds aren't bud. Ideal thing is to vacuum seal them and keep them in the FRIDGE. keep them cool and dry, NOT frozen. another option is to keep them in a film canister with dry rice. rice, as we know, absorbs moisture.

  4. Sweet...thanx...they are still stored in their original packaging and sealed but I just have a lil extra from what I can use currently but ALL GOOD...Thanx for your reply ...PEACE:p
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  6. Don't be a rep hog, plus his rep means nothing really...and OP, a film canister in a cool, dark place is fine. I usually just leave mine in a desk drawer, seeds are seeds, you can't change the potency from the outside, it all depends on genetics and the grow itself.
  7. Seeds kept cool, dark, and dry can remain viable for years. Archaeologists found seeds in Egyptian pyramids that were thousands of years old and even they germed (not MJ seeds, but still it shows what Mother Nature is capable of).

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  9. Right on, thanx again toasty. It's good to have the facts and hear hem from various resources. This is a good story to remember by.....:wave:
  10. Your rep is neutral til your first light green bar.

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