seeds and stems???

Discussion in 'General' started by joker101, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ok im new to pot and i have ben saving my seeds and stems what can i do with them or are they just trash. thanks.

  2. Seeds are useless unless you plan to grow.

    You can collect kief from the stems.
  3. save the seeds and put them in the microwave and make weed-corn.
    ive heard that you can make tea with the stems. not too potent though. might wanna verify this.
  4. Weed Corn....... HAAAA

  5. Wouldn't it be Pop Weed, or Popped Weed?

    That would be awesome if it actually worked.

    I would say unless you are getting some extremely heady nuggets don't even bother saving the stems.

  6. haha, good point

    and have you tried it? it might work : p
  7. i havnt yet but im def going to make some weed corn or pop weed or whatever you all wana call it
  8. /facepalm.
  9. seeds you cant use for anything unless you plan on growing (dont even bother trying) stems, i would save every stem you can. grind them up in your grinder and you will get lots and lots of kief. stems are worth saving, seeds arent
  10. with the stems, brew some weed tea!

  11. is this possible? like does it actually work?
  12. yes, it is possible.

    no, its not really potent, but why waste the seeds? and who doesnt love weed tea after a long day?!
  13. i cant try it now cuz my moms home but i will 2moro im afraid it will make the house reak of pot if i put it in lol . . . . .that wouldnt be good

  14. deffinatly gonna make a stem bank : ]
  15. you could always make some cheap style hash from the stems
  16. stem bank?????? whats that
  17. stem collection haha
  18. when you keep your seeds, you normally call it your "seed bank"
    well, some people do.
    its just my take on it ;)

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