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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smoke me Up, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. I know there are like 50 million posts about this but none of my questions were being answered in any older I kind of decided to try and make an official buyer beware kind of thing? I've never bought seeds and would like info like...say you live in the states now seeds direct may be stealthy but what about the credit card bill, or are credit cards no good and just use a money order? things along those lines...and say you want to hold on to your seeds for awhile is their a specific way your should store them?....sorry if you guys are tired of hearing the same old questions or whatever but thats why this is the "Absolute Beginners" forum
  2. so use what then? for like an overseas buy a money order personal check? what
  3. and this is the third time non one wants to answer this question
  4. hey.. You Should prpbably use money order. NEVER use credit cards for any of your growing supplies from seeds to lights. the goverment has records of anything and everything u have ever bought using your ccredit card. so just go with the money order.. and if u can just use flat out CA$H.
  5. thank you...ya i was checking out seed directs print out form to mail them..seems like that might be the best way to go

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