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  1. can anybody post pictures to show what real healthy seedlings be looking like..

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    These are a bit unhealthy(I kept them on plain water for just a touch too long), but now the newest and developing leaves look good.... My grow

  3. they look quite good to me lol but wat do i no..
    did you only use 42 w cfl with them ?
    i just thought i would ask too see peoples seedlings as people only really post things on how to make them good and wat not they never really show what bad ones look like so mine could be bad 4 all i know.. i arnt at that stage by far tho mine have been growing 4 a week today and you can just see the round textureless leaves and 2 with lines across im not sure if theres a name 4 these lol but if u use a magnifyin glass u can just see the 2nd pair forming.. so at least there still growing eh! how long did it take you to get to that stage .. the 1st pic i mean ?

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