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  1. OK here's the deal if anybody can help me. Here up close pics of my 5 plants autos. They popped the soil on 4-24-16 and looked very healthy but past couple days there's been no growth I do understand that it takes awhile before they get a root system grown then they will continue foliage. But 1st compared to other grows IV seen they are quite small. My main concern is they look kinda lanky like droopy not bad but they just look idk down. I was just wanting to get yalls opinions. Now for stats.

    Popped soil: 7days

    Soil: organic not ferts or added nutes. (Pine bark,perlite,ver.,ect.


    Under CFL 23watt 1620lumens till they get transferred into bigger pot and more lighting. Light is 4-6 in away.

    Soil was very dry yesterday so I watered very well.

    Inside temp. 72°

    1462108989888.jpg 1462108995373.jpg 1462109002951.jpg 1462109007839.jpg

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  2. BTW the first pic is a Afghani reg. The seed casing just fell of hence the leafs look alil more rough.

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  3. Look like they may need a bit of watering since its drooping a little
  4. I was thinking that also but heck man I been watering every other day almost lightly everyday I diddnt think they used up that much during this stage.

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  5. Overwatering will cause drooping as well...I usually tell what it needs by the wieght of the cup
  6. So either way it sound like it's a water issue..I'm gonna go ahead and throw them under 3 CFLs. With a fan. Let the soul dry up alil then I'll go back to misting the soil as needed.. I believe i may have over watered yesterday. I'm just tweaking out u guess lol thanks guess. Iz just concerned that it may have been a nute issue.

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  7. Hi polar bear... i no wen i say this that loads will totally disagree but its a lot of bark.. i personally hate bark regardless of wat bark it is... i think it does it no gud wats so ever .. especially a young seedling but thats my view . Like i say lots will disagree love. I like a 60/40 or70/30 mix of nice siol and perlite. Stops water issues if good drainage etc. I feel bark too rough for seedlinngs and wood needs all micro bugs in siol to decompose it so taking presious micro from ya plant.. i am not a scientist lol but i av never ad a good result wi barked siol .. only tried about 3/4times approx yrs ago though... other than that. Good luck and hope it turns out well no matter how i feel about bark pieces etc lol . Happy growing love xxx
  8. Na I feel ya homie..I was debating on the bark or not. I opened a bag at the southern states store. There's not a whooooole lot in there but it does make up a big % where this is my 1st indoor grow I just thought I'd try it next time I'll be going with ocean FF. But hopefully all will be well thanks for the love. Peace
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  9. Gud luck babe xx
  10. What is the soil mix? Autos hate being transplanted it pisses them off and like a spoiled kid they pout and refuse to grow so get them into where you plan on growing them soon.
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