Seedlings - yellow leaves + brown spot(s)

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  1. Hey there


    I planted some seeds that I found in some pot that I bought and they are about 3 weeks old now.

    -I planted them in jiffy pots in an store bought organic potting soil mix (0.10-0.05-0.05)
    -They are growing 2 inches underneath a 39 watt high output flourescent light
    -I have been watering when dry and spraying the foliage about once a day
    -No fertilizer yet


    I'm not sure if i need to be concerned or not but I'm hoping you will tell me.

    1) The baby leaves (the very first leaves that sprout) are turning a pail yellow colour but still have dark green veins on them. Some have brown tips.

    2) At the most there is one per plant... but there are little brown/black spots (the size of a matchhead) on the bigger leaves

    3) The tips of the bigger leaves are a bit droopy

    I'm sorry theres no pictures, I'm trying to find my camera but it has lost itself somewhere in my house. If any of this sounds familiar or anyone has suggestions any help would be deeply appreciated.

  2. I resorted to using my laptop camera

    Sorry the pictures are shitty quality, but you can kinda see the black spot on the left side of the picture.

    And its hard to see the baby leaves are yellow, but if you compare to the darker green you can see.

    sorry about the quality again.

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  3. those first leaves turn yellow then die off. thats the seedlings food supply from the seed. dont panic- lookin good to me.:smoking:
  4. ya what he said...not sure about the spot though...make sure u let the soil dry out before watering
  5. alright thanks,

    also im transplanting them tomorrow and thinking about starting to give them fertilizer

    should i start off full strength of fertilizer or maybe ease them into it with half or quarter doses?

  6. go 1/4 if you do.

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