Seedlings. When to uncover?

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    I was very excited to come home yesterday to a couple of very nice looking spouts.  I had the pots covered in saran wrap before the seeds came up.  When I saw they were up, I removed the wrap and raised the lights.
    I came home tonight, and they weren't looking so good, slightly wilted  For sure not as happy as that first day.  I raised the lights higher, misted the soil, and placed clear plastic containers over each seedling to get that nice very humid environment they looked so happy in the first day.
    Is this normal?  Should I have left them covered the first few days?  And if so, when would it be best to remove the "dome"?
    CFL lights.  Temps ~82F with the lights on.
    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Anyone?
  3. If you are using CFL's you want them close to the plants bro...only real grow lights will burn up plants
    When I grow seeds I put them in the dirt, water them, and leave them under the lights...I let mine grow out for about a week or two before I had to raise my lights but then again I am not using CFL's I am using real grow lights lol
  4. They shouldnt need a cover once they sprout. The rasied humidity is just to aid in germination and sprouting. Once they sprout good air flow and transpiration are more important. Sounds like possible heat issues to me.
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    I think you may be correct there.  I believe my remote thermometer is out of whack.  It sure felt warmer in the tent than what the thermometer was showing. Or poor placement of the thermometer.
    Anyway.  I turned on the exhaust fan last night and have more time to dial it in this weekend.
    Thanks for the replies.
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    not true cfls will burn plants seedlings especially
    seedlings have weak stems and might fall over any misting or water on the cotyledon leaves will be too heavy and cause them to fall over.  just baby them and make sure the leaves are growing bigger each day
    if u notice ur stems stretching then ur lights are too high
  7. I never cover themSent from my GT-P3113 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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