Seedlings Stretching too much?

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  1. Checked on the seedlings today and I noticed that the 3 Purple Kush are stretching pretty good. They are out of the dirt about 2 1/2 inches with the first leaves just starting. I have my lights set at 18” and putting out about 12000 lux. Using 240w 3000k QB on a dimmer. Should I move the light closer? Or turn it up? I do have a vivosun 300w burple light that seems decent for seedings. Temp is at 21 degrees and humidity is sitting around 65-70%.
  2. they aren't stretching too much. they just growing. keep a breeze on them and let them do their thing. you can always bury an inch or 2 of stalk. don't stress over them.
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  3. Personally, I wouldn't mess with them for now. If, over the next few days, it seems like they're still stretching, turn the light up a little.

    If they don't continue to stretch too much, just transplant them a little deeper than usual. Roots will grow out of the buried stalk, and it will provide more stability for the plant in the long run.
  4. Ya I have a small fan blowing on them with slight breeze. If they get any higher I may turn up my lights to see if that helps.
  5. There autos so I already have them in there final pots, but I do have some room for more dirt.
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  6. you say see if that helps, but thats what i'm telling you. the seedling is 2 1/2 inches tall. there is nothing wrong. you're stressing over nothing.
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  7. Ah, was just worried they were going to topple. My northern lights auto is only 2 inches from the soil with 2 nodes. I probably shouldn’t compare the two side by side.
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  8. I have my seedlings at 30 inches/ 20,000 lux with 4000k. If a seedling just sits there and seems like it isn't growing, that is fine. But if it is stretching it is stressing. If you find the level where it doesn't stretch, that is fine. Moving closer after that will more likely harm rather than help. I would stay at 18, but turn it up.
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    I left my lights at 18” and turned them up to 20000lux. They stretched about another 1/2 inch today bringing them up to 3 inches plus. Still very little growth from the leaves. I hope this works. If not I may put my seedling vivosun 300w light in there too at 30” for more of a veg spectrum.
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  10. So the stretching has finally stopped and the seedlings are starting to focus on leaf growth. The sweet spot seems to be 18” and 20000lux. I did add some soil, so there wasn’t 3 inches of stem sticking above ground.

    Thanks everyone for the tips.

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