Seedlings stopped growing.

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  1. Hey everybody. I'm a new member to this site but have come here for advice on may occasions so I'm confident I'll get some quality answers. So here's my situation. I started 4 seeds in a paper towel all of which cracked nicely. I put them in one of those small black plastic starters...I'm using mg organic choice mixed generously with perlite and vermiculite and watering with bottled water. Having been in a tight spot financially, I impulsively threw these girls on the window sill till I got some A 2'x1' T5ho setup. (4 2' bulbs each putting out 24w). While on the window sill, they grew quick and nicely until right after the first set of true leaves were fully formed. I knew the window sill wasnt giving enough hours of light but either way they've under the t5s now. Also, I transplanted these babes Bc I thought it stopped growing due to lack of space..newbie move. I assumed if the seedlings were 3inches tall, than there must be much more going on under the soil. So, where I'm at now.... they are in 2.5 gallon buckets lines up arranged in a square. So we'll call it a 2x2 grow space. They've only been under the lights for just under a week and I've tried to troubleshoot from every which direction. I do have a feeling that the lights aren't enough for 4 ladies but I figured it should be enough to grow a few sets of leaves . Here's the crazy part.. they're over a month old from seed and they look like they've only been going for 10 days. They look healthy, but I can't figure out why they won't grow more foliage. Is it focusing on root Growth due to the large buckets? The soil seems to dry fast...ill water til the soil near the holes in the bottom is moist.. and the following day, it's dry at least 1 if not 2 inches from the top. I don't mind scrapping a few if the light is inadequate. I haven't added nutes Bc they're babies and the soil has some nutes so I let it be. I've read about nitrogen deficiency but don't think that's it. Any thoughts? I realize I shouldnt have started out the ghetto way but I was impulsive and it happened. again they look so healthy...will they or can they take off growing again ir are these babes done for? Thanks in advance and all help is welcome and much appreciated.
  2. Had similar issue, switched to mh light and it perked up but didn't grow, switched to a hps light and she start flourishing. But no those lights are just keeping equilibrium, not enough for 4.

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  3. Overwatering.

    A plant with a 3 inch top has about 2-3 inches of roots under it. And not well established. It wont need ANY food at all for a good month! I water mine when the pot is dry. I keep mine in foam cups til theyre about 6-8 inches tall! Plant roots sense their container size!

    Make a fist, look at your fist. That is how much water they should get at that size, about half of a glass coffee cup. You should be watering around the stem ony and nowhere else. This forces the roots to seek out water and creates a strong root base.

    If you put them in 2.5 gallons buckets under one of the slowest growing lights, ie t5s (cfl upgrade) then and youre watering til water comes out, you are drowning them. You will introduce root rot, fungus gnat infestations and a plethora of other problems this way. More is less with weeds.

    The window seal was the smartest thing you did. No lights are as good as the sun for a seedling!

    A metal halide puts out about half the lumens of an hps, anyway you cut it! Thats why they grew twice as fast under yellow/orange light than blue.
  4. I'm only watering near the stalk and I'm feel confident that I've been letting it dry enough before re watering. Any thoughts on what my next move should be? Restarting is certainly an option but I mean it's been over a month from sprout and they still look beautiful...just very petite. :/ obviously I'm reluctant to start over but is the lights set up sunlight to support any plants at harvest and of course using hps bulbs for flowering. I've done as lot of research and honestly I'm just fascinated by plant life and want to grow even knew plant to support this fetish. Should I take some away and concentrate the light on one or 2? Transplant to smaller pot ? New setup? Water even less? I'm not looking to spend a ton in general and would like to stick with the lights I have. I'm really doin this for kicks n gigs, ya know? Just getting my rocks off.. and if I make nugs from nothing but a seed, Well shit....that's just a super bonus. success with these lights would certainly encourage me to further invest in better equipment. But what to do next with the seedlings is my next pickle.
  5. And if you water near the center, why would it search out for more water?
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    My problem with your claim, unless im misunderstanding and please forgive me if i am, but with a plant shorter than 6 inches tall, youre watering enough that water runs out the bottom of the pot?

    Am i understanding this correctly?

    A thirsty plant seeks out water via root growth. You purposely underwater seedlings to force this to happen.
  7. Ahhh okay. Well was watering till water can't out only when it was in the 3inch deep starter and letting it dry till the bottom was dry Which only took like 2 days. This time in the 2.5 gallon container, I used about half a water bottle each. So should I just let them go for a while letting it dry thoroughly? Maybe take 2 of the 4 away? They look very they have chance only having one or 2 sets of true leaves...seeing the 3rd set starting and over a month old?
  8. Well the slow growth is the t5s. Any blue light is slow growing, excexpt maybe newest advancedleds. Even my mhs are slow as a turtle.

    A pic would help a whole lot.

    If theyre healthy then thats good and everythings fine. I thought you overwatered and stunted them by your initial post.

    What is your question man? Im happy to help anyway i can :)
  9. I guess my question is....if they look healthy and everything's fine, than why are they growing so slowly? Haha. temps seem fine and I have a fan on em for ventilation and strenth too BTW.. And I can't figure out how to attach a pic, I'm a super noob. I'll try to figure it out. I'm on my mobile, Maybe I'll try the computer.
  10. And your commitment to help me is much appreciated! 😊

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