Seedlings sick or light burn?

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  1. week1/2 old seedlings ..growing in fox farm ocean grow/ cfl lights.. the problem spots are like golden brown and kinda crunchy .. I did spray it with water so did the water in the leaves magnify the light causing it to burn maybe? I haven't adjusted ph yet either
  2. Ocean Forest can be too hot for seedlings and if the pH isn't between ~6.3-6.8 then your plant can't absorb everything. This leads to nutrient lockout and further impairs the growth.

    If you do a foliar feed, make sure its a fine mist to evenly coat the tops and bottoms of the leaves.

    Pics are always incredibly helpful as well...

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  4. you cant have light burn from cfls unless the leaves touched it
  5. Only if your leaves actually touch your cfl bulb will they cause light burn its one of the reasons i quit using them constant adjusting game, leaf looks like it was damaged mechanically like it made contact accidently squished into the rim of your solo cup? I wouldnt worry unless the new growth starts showing symptoms my guess is she will be fine... really no need to add any nutes at this stage your soil will carry them for a couple weeks easy..
  6. Thanks
  7. I fried up some seedlings a few months back in ffof, but I have also planted straight into the same mix with zero problems??
    Strain/seed dependent?

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  8. Give the FFOF a good mix and flush before using.

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