Seedlings problems, need advices

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  1. hi,

    Got some problems that i never seen before, seedlings middle is redish/purple and they are growing very very slow… wonder if somebody know it

    they 12 days old
    PPM 300
    Ph 6.0
    Room Temp 20-24c

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  2. Tiny for 12 days, and they look poisoned. You THINK it's 300ppm but I doubt that.
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  3. I need more information before I can proceed.
    First off, what is the system. DWC how?
    How did you start these seedlings? They don't look ready for DWC.
    and 300PPM (!) I suggest comparing to CCH2Os hydro schedule. 300ppm is not seen until week 4 vegetative growth (that doesn't include seedling time of ~2weeks).
    What light?
    Why is it so cold?
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  4. What you mean so cold friend? What is the good temps then ?
    Dwc i mean a reservoir with water and nutes and lots of air i will show in pic

    i start the seeds in papper towel the i moved to cloning cubes and then i put then into netpot

    light is daylight led 660w pro dimmed to 25%

    so if the ppm is too high how should i proced ?

    change all the water and or just Take some of the water in there and addd fresh RO water to get the ppm lower?

    thank you very much

  5. Here is the pic

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    Starting temp I like above 25-28°C; science papers say 30°C with optimum conditions (ie. CO2 enhanced, etc). Too much room for error at 30C imo.
    aka bubbler. Is that some discoloration on the roots (plants on the right)?
    *You need to keep the reservoir temps <20°C.
    kk but I like to be precise. 20K lumens on my seedlings. I increase to 30K over the next 2-3 weeks. Try to reach 40K for veg.
    What nutes? I get confused sometimes with systems and requirements.

    I think you'll be ok, just the roots gotta get in the solution and if they are just touching now.

    But beware rot. Keep it cool. Use beneficial organisms, like those found in Garden Friendly Fungicide.

    edit, also I should add, the fastest way I've learned to start seeds is found here

    edit, I started some seeds tonight using in an aero start as outlined in the linked thread. I checked the EC was ~870, which translates to a 0.5TDS of ~435 ppm. It really depends what you are using; I've always thought clonex solution was high EC but it works well.
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  7. Raised Temp to 26C
    There no rot
    I dont get about lumens…should i dim the leds to 50% or what you mean mate?
    Using T.A. Tri part nutes
    RO water and cal mag

  8. It's a measure of light; People use 'quantum meters' nowadays, but they cost too much.
    I use a Dr.Lux meter but there are some apps that can add to your phone (although idk their accuracy).
    weird, looks like flora nutes to me. All good.

    @Thoruk what light are you using?
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  9. hi trojangrower, its been a long time my friend.
    I am using one 8w led bulb 12" above my clones (6500k), in plugs(only rooting gel), there getting about 5,000 lux.
    Temps about 23c and the humidity is between 70-80%
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  10. ah hey @marks.home.grown nice to see you (u know what i mean)
    I routinely start mine at 20,000 lux, give or take a couple K. I'd bring the bulb closer...

    I am currently re-trying my germ method and can share my own results in a day or two.
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  11. You too mate.
    I have 24 cuttings, they been in the jiffy's for just over a week and I hope to see some roots in next 2-3 days,
    will be good to compare the results.
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  12. u know if you are taking that many cuttings at a time, I strongly recommend the aeroponic cloning machine, which is what I also start my seeds with now.
    If you have the tools and some patience, you can build one:
    A cheap and effecient cloner
    I really like mine. I am still (currently) using that same manifold.

    Also, don't forget that you can foliar feed the clones; something many of us forget.
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  13. I general I don't take that many cuttings but I wanted to try a classic strain "dutch passion the Ultimate"
    so I took 4 cutting from each plant, I will keep the best plant going.
    your diy cloner looks really good, I may give it a go at some point, thanks.
    good point about foliar feed, I always forget to do this lol.
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  14. as Said in first post…using led daylight pro 660w

    anything you can suggest me to do with these mate?
  15. kk, I looked that up, nice lamp. You should really be using a meter and trying to hit 20K at the canopy otherwise who knows how much light they are getting.
    you can try bumping the ph up a lil, maybe try 6.2 or more. If they don't perk up soon, I would just restart.
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  16. Will do that, Thank you i hope they recover…will be hard to get New seeds atm

    i have changed them to 600w HPS as is what i always used before and used analog meter and It reads 1000 LUX on canopy, i have no idea what 20K is and if i shud bring the light closer or not?

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  17. 20 K = 20,000. (ie. lux)

    You know, using 600w lights to start seedlings is not something I would recommend. I personally use a couple of 50W two-foot LED strips that provide plenty of light (and even those are turned down). I've seen other growers use large fluorescent bulbs, but I have success with the strips. And I don't think it's a waste to purchase some lightweight strips or similar as I've often used them for side lights to increase the dark spots in the tents.
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  18. I followed my own instructions (ie. aero/clonex/sponges) and started four seeds on the evening of Mar 27. This is the fourth morning since I planted. Three are cannabis seeds (each a different strain) and one is cucumber. The cucumber was already popping out the next morning (ie. Mar 28) !
    top view
    100_0807.JPG 100_0808.JPG 100_0809.JPG
    side view.

    I did something different this time. I prepped 8L RO + 40mL clonex (ie. 5mL/L) and put that in the bucket (iirc pH about 5.8). I then prepped 100mL of 1% H2O2 and soaked the sponges in it for about an hour before placing each seed in the sponges. I started two cucumbers in one sponge but already killed the other one.
    I will probably check the solution once a week to adjust the pH and to prune the roots (cut the leader root), but otherwise I will just let it be.

    ~20,000 lux at the canopy.
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  19. Looks great, after reading your post, I turned the other two bulbs on so its gone up to 15,000 lux(6500k)
    and the temperature is between 23-25c (lights on).
    humidity is still between 70-80%, VPD is between 0.60-0.80 lights on
    7 of the clones have roots, all the stems look green and so they should all root soon.
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  20. nice cloner mate…mine is almost the same but yours better as uses less water so less nutes

    Yours spray the water, mine uses 3 huge air stones to make the water “boil” and lots of water drops touching the net pots….next run i will make one as yours because i think using less water is also better to prevent pythium. Thank you for sharing.

    About my shity problem….do you think its possible that i didnt use enough nutes and they stunt like that coz of nute deficiency?

    im 300ppm i think that is like 0,4 EC and T.A. Recommend on first true leaves EC 0.8-1.2, my girls have more then first true leaves.

    what you think mate? Please

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