Seedlings Outdoor Heat, bring inside?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jimmib67, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Hi, New to forum and cannabis cultivation. For my first grow I am trying a couple autoflower varieties. Dutch Passion AutoNight Queen, Canuk Seeds NL Auto & Canuk Seeds NL + Big Bud Auto. Using 45% coir and 45% compost 10% vermiculite for soil in 5 gal fabric pots w/ chopped straw mulch. Trying to go organic so as to not complicate things. I want to grow them outside and got 3 to germinate so far. 1 of each, all in full sun. Looks like I germinated right in the middle of a heat wave (95F+ going to be like this for at least 5 days). Once germinated I removed about 1/2 cups worth of soil from the middle of the pot and added my coir potting mix seed starting mix in the hole and added the seed, Thinking I didn't want the seedling to start getting nuts from the compost too soon. Am i overthinking that?. They all broke ground about 4 days ago. the NL+BB seemed to do ok but the ANQ and NL seedlings do not look good. 3 days ago the ANQ had the tiny leaves pointing straight up so i moved her to the shade. Yesterday the ANQ and NL looked better but still miserable and the NL+BB was curling a little in the evening (looked better this am). All look like heat stressed. I have a seed starting room in my basement. 70-72 F & 60% humidity 2 45W LED Kingbo grow lights. Should I move my heat stressed baby's to the basement? Will 90w LEDS be enough to get them through the next week or two?
  2. Do you have any pictures?

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  3. I’ve got several young tomato plants outside in the heat like you describe and I’ve just been shading them in the extremes.

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