Seedlings Ok Under 1000W Dual Arc?

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  1. Hey guys, lookin for a little advice on gettin my babies started.  Got a 5x5 secret jardin tent all set up with a 1000w hortilux dual arc in an air cooled hood, things are lookin good on the first runs, ambient temps in the basement are around 66 right now and with the exhaust fan running and the passive vents open its sitting around 75 degrees and 45% RH.  Gonna germ these 20 pinapple chunk and critical hog seeds with the paper towel method and then sow into 1 gallon pots.  Is it ok to go straight into the tent and put them under the 1000w?  I know that if the lamp is too close it can cause heat problems, but with it 3 feet away or more could this also cause stretching issues?  I would just rig up CFL's but with 20 pots that would be tricky, and with this beautiful tent all set up I would rather not spent more money to set up a whole new little light system for the seedlings!  
    I appreciate any advice my friends, just wanna know if this would be a high risk situation or not, I feel like the temperature shouldn't be a big issue so it would be more about the issue of light intensity/stretching. 
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    all you really need is a few quality cfl's on the correct spectrum. this will suffice for a week or 2. imo ur just wasting lamp life and electricity if u put them straight under ur 1000w. that way u can keep the cfl's as close as possible without worrying about temps
  3. You can use the 1000W but keep it high above them as it could be too much. This is the only time in their lives that they can get too much light. 
  4. thank you for the responses, for the CFLs my issue would be that to keep them really close to the plants I would need 10-20 little bulbs/fixtures to get close over 20 1 gal pots.  Think ill just keep the light up high and if they look to be stretchin I will try and get it a bit closer.  Light is about 5 feet off the ground.

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