Seedlings not sprouting above soil after germinating

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  1. okay so I planted 3 germinated cheese seeds from seedsman. One seed sprouted above soil the next day but the other 2 didn't. So I waited another day and still nothing from the other two so I thought I might have buried the others too deep. I dug up a little of the soil about them and found one already sprouted but nothing from the other one. Did I mess up by digging down and possibly disturbing the tap root of the other two..? I just removed a shell casing from the one that sprouted and the leaves look kinda discolored. Any suggestions? I'll post a picture.

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  3. Do you humidity dome? They love super high humidity at that stage
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  4. It's extremely humid in my grow room but I'll probably cut a plastic water bottle to place over the one that sprouted so far, thanks for the advice!
  5. Ya, the deeper you plant them the longer it takes to break the surface. I don't become concerned till after about 3 days.

    I have dug them up on day 4 and 5, discovered they are still alive and trying, covered them back up with dirt and waited another day or so. I was worried for nothing.
    They like loose dirt. Don't try to help it by tamping it down a little bit. Just the weight of the loose crumbs of dirt on top of it is good to go.
    I give an eye dropper per day of water while they live in cups.
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  6. some times when you plant the seed with taproot the root will pull the seed head down in to the soil a bit deeper never try and dig down to find the seed you'l usually break the taproot ..mac,
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  7. Rather than the taproot itself, you should be considering the very fine roots growing off from the taproot.
    Given that; yes, messing with the root damages the plant.
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  8. Yes I definitely should not have done that and regret it. I was extremely careful not to touch the sprout nor disturb the soil near where the roots would be growing. Hopefully I'm lucky and didn't completely fuck it up
  9. I, accidentally, forgot to look at my germinating seeds in the closet. At five days, one of the taproots was pretty long!
    When to went to move the seedling to the soil, I found that the side roots had already grown into the paper towel.
    I did the deed... and all worked out right; but it did give me a new way to view the 'taproot'.
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