Seedlings more then likely dead

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  1. All my seedlings have grown a lot slower then I’d hoped. And now with the summer heat in CA, my seedlings are all most likely just gonna die. Not quite sure how I can prevent this from happening again or if I can get my seedlings past sprouts. Anyone have any advice they can give me?
  2. Try starting them inside. Once you get get to 5 or 6 sets of true leaves start hardening them off slowly. First day one hour of sunlight, second day two hours, third day 3 hours, etc, etc....
    Also these little plants are tougher than you think. Unless you're talking about extremely high temps they can probably handle it just fine.
    Good luck!!
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  3. That's what I thought I’d have to do. It’s a last resort for me as I’m trying to be as discreet as possible inside and out, and I didn’t want to have to try for an indoor grow. But seems I’ll have to since it is so late in season already. Do you think a heat lamp would work for the little buggers, at least until they get on there feet? That’s probably the best I can do in such a short term for now. But will definitely plant them outside after a few nodes so I’m not really going for a big badass grow light.
  4. No a heat lamp wont do anything for them sorry. If you look at these newer led light bulbs that are out now, most of them list the color temp. Anything between 3000k and 6500k will do the trick until you're ready to move them outside. Shoot for 30 watts per seedling and keep them about 15" from the plant. Also, if you can remove the plastic "bulb" and expose the led chips they will work much better
  5. I use transparent solo cups, upside down over the top of the seedling, poke a couple of holes in the bottom for air circulation, they work like a propagator by keeping the humidity higher and containing heat slightly, or you can stick tape over parts to reduce the amount of light ( if you need to )
    Worth a try, works for me.
  6. Any idea where to get a quality one for a reasonable price/ fairly quickly? I just need something for the seedlings until they are 4 or more nodes up like you said. But I don’t know too much about LEDs and which are actually the strength they advertise. I at least want them to build a stronger stem too, because I believe one of mine either got eaten by a bug or got stem rot (yellow spot on main stem/ droopiness) as well.

    Nice. I think my pots may not have been as good also because my soil wouldn’t stay compact after every few days or so. Might just have to start them with a good ol fashioned solo cup then haha :roflmao::roflmao:
  7. My bad I misread that lmao I just had my morning smoke-before-work not too long ago hahaha
    But I see what you mean, I probably can’t do that outdoors but I guess when I start the seedlings off I’ll probably try something like that. Thanks for the reply brother :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  8. I'm just talking about a regular old led bulb like you screw into the fixtures in your home. They come in a range of colors from warm white (2700k) to cool white (6500k). It will usually say somewhere on the box. The leds are covered by the plastic bulb. Cut the bulb off and expose the diodes. As far as finding them quickly: wally world, lowes hardware, home depot, ace, etc..
    Anywhere you would normally buy light bulbs. The incandescent has pretty much went the way of the dodo. They are most all led now
  9. Also something to consider, the HLG 65 that is sold on Amazon is a perfect seedling/veg light that will last you for years to come
  10. I just use a CFL found at the hardware store. I have some that are 150w and 200w. The 200w uses 42 actual watts. Don't remember what the 150w uses.
    I water with an eye dropper when in SOLO cups.

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