Seedlings looking weird, some advice?

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  1. Hello, I have planted 2 seeds. One is feminized autoflower sweet cherry kush from sensiseeds (The tall one) and the second seed is unknown strain, which i got from someone (the short one). I think I overwatered the small one a little in the beginning, but now it is looking like i might get going. I am not sure tho, maybe I should plant another autoflower instead of it? The cherry kush on the other hand grew really rapidly and is now 12cm. In 2 days it will be 2 weeks since i put it into soil. I use some soil for indoor plants, which I bought in local shop. I noticed it has a slight light green color. Also one of the leafes started twisting a little. See the pictures and please let me know, what do you think. It is my first grow, so any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    20230228_080526.jpg 20230228_080930.jpg 20230228_080611.jpg
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  2. Should lower you're light when they get linky or stretchy like that, that's what that means. They are stretching towards the light and need more. Looks fine otherwise, should be enough food in soil to feed a bit longer. I wouldnt start feeding until plant started fading letting me know it needed food. Cant take away but you can always add

    May check the smaller one for bugs, something weird going on for sure. However lot of seedlings look weird
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  3. Thank you so much.
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  4. Hello, I'm sending an update regarding my plant. Tomorrow will be three weeks since I planted it as a seed. I wanted to ask if I should start fertilizing it already? If yes, then with what? Another question, should I already consider topping it, and if so, how should I do it? Then I would like to ask when should I transplant it? Currently, I'm using 1 liter pot.
    I have the plant inside under a 50W LED lamp. How long do you think this lamp will last, and how will I know if the plant is not getting enough light? Initially, I thought I would grow it indoors, but when I calculated how much it would cost me, I decided to order a greenhouse. Ideally, I would like to move the plant to the greenhouse as soon as possible because I live in an apartment and do not want to deal with ventilation. I live in Central Europe, and it starts getting warmer around mid-May. Do you think the plant will handle this move? Will it last until then without flowering or producing a strong odor? Alternatively, when should I move it?
    I apologize for the numerous questions, but I have no experience with this; it is my first plant.

    Here are some pictures of it, let me know what you think. Thanks!

    20230308_141213.jpg 20230308_141126.jpg 20230308_141237.jpg 20230308_141213.jpg 20230308_141126.jpg 20230308_141237.jpg 20230308_141213.jpg 20230308_141126.jpg 20230308_141237.jpg
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    Doesn't need fertilizer or to be transplanted. Too small and under developed for either. Just transplant over feeding when plant shows it needs food. When it stretches like yours has that's one way to tell its not getting enough light. Node spacing should be closer. Limited growth is another sign of needing more light. Too under developed for topping as well. Move to green house wherever just keep in mind any light cycle under 14.5 hours will trigger flowering.

    Plant at 4 wks from seed right before and at transplant, 2 gallon pot see difference

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  6. Yours look so much better, that is true. Even though i moved the light really close after you told me to. I will move it even closer. Thank you for your response. I am considering to move it into bigger pot just to move it more in to the ground, so it wouldnt be so tall. Is it a good way or shall i just leave it?
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  7. Hello,
    Anyone see this look before:
  8. If you transplant it pile soil up higher around the stalk

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