Seedlings keep dying

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  1. For several months I have not been able to make my seedlings advance to veg state. It's really weird because I have been growing for some years and I have almost never had a problem with this. They all keep damping off or never develop and slowly yellow out. For example what would you say this seedling is dying of?

    Light? could be, according to my LED manual it should be 100cm above the plant. For some of the first days I had it on around 90cm then realized it and raised it. But I have never needed to actually have that much of distance before.
    Nutes? I have not given my pots any nutes for months but maybe some of them had some nutes in it and I have just kept spreading them by transferring the coir around.
    Temperature? I don't feel cold there ever and I have been growing in a lot colder days. But it is winter.
  2. Looks nutrient burned
    Try plane jane top soil from back yard , mix in sand or perlite or pea gravel for good drainage.
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  3. No, this is not right at all. You are growing in coco, it's not the same as soil.
    Did you condition the coco first? Did you add ~40% perlite?
    These are important steps to take before planting anything in coco.
    I suggest reading (and bookmarking) this Cannabis Grow Guide for Coco.

    pretty sure this is calcium deficiency. In fact, I forgot to add calmag to a clonex seedling mix and got similar results.
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  4. I am actually using a new kind of coir that I used to since IKEA stopped producing them. I never liked this new ones but I think I've had some success with them. Or maybe i should stop pouring so much boiled water in my coir some days before planting my seeds. But recently I had one auto (Yes, auto, after months of failure) that just damped off. I planted this one like two weeks after preparation and I made sure it was fluffy. I've always went straight coir, no problem but maybe I should consider adding that now. And I always mix with some gypsum for extra calcium.
  5. Cool I hope your right,, What ever is on top of the grow medium , which it looks like nutrients to me
    And the burn or dying trim on the edge of the leaf.
    But what ever he has going on there Top soil from the back yard with some sand will work for his next seedlings
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  6. So I can just buy regular soil and add to my coir? And then feed them the same nutes I use for my coir later on?
  7. I didn't say that at all, and bagged potting soil less soil has little to zero soil in it. Its organic matter which means its is nutrients.
    I said top soil from your back yard or anyone's back yard soil will work for you until you regroup and figure out why your plants are dying
    We are off on the wrong foot
    Best of luck
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  8. As far as dampening off, I have been starting my seeds in 1% hydrogen peroxide. Some say this kills the bacteria already in the seed, but I am relying on research, such as this:
    Germinating Cannabis using Hydrogen Peroxide
    Then I normally drench the media with beneficial organisms. This will compete with pathogenic microorganisms, flooding the population.

    @Headhunterpipes we will never be 100% sure about anything other than knowing we are never 100% sure :) It could be overnuted. Nevertheless, the coco should be conditioned, otherwise it will suck up a lot of the available calcium.
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  9. No worries brother. Trying to help other growers is one the great things members like you do.
    The important part is helping the Op get his grow going again .

    Smoking lamp is lite
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  10. Ohhhh, do you mean like the top of the soil? I thought you meant like add soil on top of what you have.
  11. What do you mean by conditioned?
  12. Hi,
    I meant for you to change your grow medium, all of it .. sorry for the misunderstanding
    I am not knowledgeable on growing in Coco Coir.
    Didn't make any difference to me, simply what your using is not working at this time, and I know top soil works great for seedling's. Simple in my way of thinking.
    I was only trying to get you growing again ASAP, and hoping by time you transplanted you had a new grow medium figured out .
    I have all the confidence in the world in Trogengrower knows what he is talking about.
    Your in good hands....
    Have a great day guys
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  13. Oh I finally understand! Thanks :D That's a great advice! I will prepare another pot and try regular soil next time so I don't waste even more time. Thank you!
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  14. I mean to do what the training video I linked says. Here is another link for you.
    Start with that. Once you have your proper conditioned coco, things will work.

    Oh, one thing they don't mention about soaking coco is I use a 5gal bucket but I also use a 5gal paint strainer. This will make your work easier.
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  15. I have nutrients that contain calcium and magnesium. Do you think a little of that could help or it will just stress the seedlings further?
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    Oooh I just understood that I must rinse my coir. I always thought this new coir was a lot more dusty then the IKEA one. Damn you IKEA for stopping selling those! I have like 5 x 20 litre pots of this coir. This is gonna take some time!
  17. Thank you! I'm so glad I finally understand what to do. But man it's gonna take a while!
  18. Maybe I should give regular soil a try too. Never tried growing in regular soil always fear it will bring lots of bugs into my home.
  19. I think I will just buy high quality coir and try to grow only in that until my new autos arrive. Oh man I'm late on the schedule! I'm gonna grow a strain called "Quick one" and also I need to wait a week for them to arrive. It sucks!

    Then I'm gonna try both conditioning the bad coir and mixing it with the good coir. I don't like perlite and clay balls, It's really easier to just go straight coir when I know it should be possible! Perlite is expensive and clay balls are heavy. IKEAs coir was really great I used to just do straight IKEA coir and get really good results.

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