seedlings just want to stretch

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  1. Hi MJ friends,

    Been reading all the places I can, and I keep going through my varieties of seeds an they all keep stretching.

    I germinated with distilled water, and they all popped within a few days, dipped my a-ok rockwool cubes in aeriated water, ph'd to 5.5, half got a minimal grow nute. Put them in ziploc bags under a "lights of america" 17 watt grow light 24/7, and now 8 days or so in they are all getting to be 1.75" with their first non-seedling leaves popping.

    A lot of the grow pics around look like they are waay shorter by the time the leaves take off. What could be the deal? My last round got to be 2 1/4" with minimal leaf growth before they all collapsed a couple weeks in. My grow light is less than 1/2" from the baby leaves.

    please help.

    Bud Bro
  2. It sounds like you just plain do not have enough light in there.

  3. ^^^^^^^^^ That is your problem right there...
  4. Thats probably it! I have got some T-5's now and things are already looking better. Also I think I over-watered and made the mistake of adding nutes to my starter cubes. The non-nuted ones are way better looking.

    Will get the journal going soon. Thanks Stormcloud and Jakesterjammin

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