Seedlings: How tall before first node?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skeeter, May 6, 2003.

  1. High all,

    How tall should a seedling get before it produces its first node (or branch, same thing, right?)?

    Does an HPS light need to be within 24 inches of the seedlings to prevent them from stretching towards the light?

  2. The lights should normally be around 18 inches from the top of the plants ....
  3. Cool, thanks for the info on the light.

    How about 1st node and plant height? How tall is an average plant before you see a branch, or more leaves than the Coltlydons and the first 2 jagged leaves?

  4. it all depends ....look at my other thread ..I have posted some pics and info
  5. Anyone else know how tall before first node or brach is common. I would assume this is a simple, easy to answer question for anyone who has a few grows.

    P.s Newbie, I looked for the info on the htread with you as the starter, but it has several topics weaving through it, and I didn't see the info I seek. Thanks though.

  6. Check the page 6 and seven in my thread ....Where are all the experts at ?

  7. Every plant is different, there is no set height at which nodes grow. Even within the same strain you'll see lots of variation, relax and watch it grow.
  8. Thanks for the info Clonemeister.

    Does anyone know what the average height before a second node is for an average plant? How much growth with no second node before stretching toward the lights becomes a problem to consider?

  9. ill take a crack at it.

    first of all...u want them as short as ur variety is able to do. this means u are giving it max light for what it is able to take in. a washing of 3000lumes/sqft will about do it. the smaller the better and the only way of keeping it small is max light.

    second...all varieties are gonna vary on hight of the seedling. seems like 100% indica has a shorter habbit than sativa mixes. but this can vary as much as there are varieties out there.

    with all that said, 2.5 inches is a pretty ave hight for me i guess. inbetween 2 and 3 is about what u want. 3.5 tops...anything higher and u got something going on.

    with that said...if u have a taller plant than this there are a few things u can do. stake but that is a pain in the ass. it should have prob more lumes and u need to get on that. and u should bury it deeper the next time u transplant.
  10. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

    Thanks for the info Froggy. I guess 2 or 2.5 inches before a first node is somewhere in the ballpark,huh?

    As far as burrying the stem, is there anything I need to know about that? How much of the stem can one bury?

    I assume it doesn't matter if it is already growing in a 3 gal pot, and won't need to be transplanted, right?


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