Seedlings from 12/12 problems

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  1. Hello all,
    I started 7 seedlings in my last week and half of flowering another plant. Therefor, I started them under 400w hps at 12/12 cycle because I only have one light. I harvested yesterday (seedlings 10 days old) and changed the light schedule to 18/6. Was going to wait a week and change it back to 12/12 to trigger early flowering.
    The leaves seem a bit yellow and aren't growing as fast as I would have thought under this light. Any tips?
    Also, when should they be transplanted to gallon pots? I want to scrog the females out of the bunch and make a harvest before Christmas break makes school get out! Thanks
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  2. Could the light be too strong? Could that be why they aren't growing quickly
  3. What soil? Nutes? Temps? Waterings? Need some more info to help.

    Give them a little before transplanting them.
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    From the looks of it your leaves look very light. Give them a very mild nute solution. Could be Nitrogen or CalMag deficiency but I agree with Mrfett. We need more info to diagnose the problem. Temp, humidity, Nutes, type of lighting, watering schedule, how long they've been in those containers and if roots are wrapping around the bottom of the cups. Also are you using RO, distilled or tap water?
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  6. Id transplant them if i was you.

    Your soil doesnt appear to have much Aeration, did you mix any perlite in?

    Are there drainage holes in those cups?
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    Yeah they are most likely suffocating
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    Great observation bro. I didn't even catch that lol.. You MUST have holes in the cups or pots for drainage and aeration for your plants to survive. If the roots are growing around the bottom of the cups and turning brown your plants are root bound and need to be transplanted. From the looks of your plants they out grew those cups. I agree with transplanting now.

    2000w Sensi Seed Super Skunk Coco Grow Journal:
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    Lol. We think alike when it comes to this expertise ;) All of your posts I just seem to agree with haha.
  11. Temps are at 75

    Nutes I will be using is bar guano.

    No aeration until today, also made holes in the bottom of the cups.

    I expected them to be growing more quickly under a 400w hps

    Thanks as always
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    There's your problem. There was no aeration and the water wasn't draining out so it was suffocating your plants. Always make sure there are drain holes on your pots. Luckily you caught it fast enough. That could have killed your babies :( Once they bounce back you'll see the growth explode. They'll be back to normal in a few days ;) Your temps are fine. Optimum temps are between 72-76 degrees. Are you just using bat guano? No other nutes?
  13. Just bat guano for veg, but I'm not vegging for long.
    Then florabloom (0-5-4) for flowering.
    Should I be adding anything else? I grew and harvested a plant on only those and it was very dank, not as dense or as much yield as I expected though.
  14. Great minds eh? :smoke:
  15. Transplant them, theyll double in size every few days if you do.

    Your right though, they should be 2-3 times that size and would be if the roots had air. Roots dont need soil, they just need air, water, and food.

    I recommend recipe 420 soil, much more organic than other options and half the price of most soils. Be sure to add a lot of perlite. More is better than less.

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    If you want to increase yield and density use a bloom booster with FloraBloom. Flora's bloom booster is called "Liquid Koolbloom". I also use the Flora series myself for all my grows. I've been using that line since I started growing and I love it! When you get towards the end of flowering you can use FloraNectar to add flavor and density. Molasses works great too. By using a sugar additive towards the end of flowering you can increase weight and density by as much as 20% :) Go online and print a copy of the Flora Series Nutrient Feeding Schedule. It will tell you which week to add what and how much to use. You are using soil so make sure the feeding schedule you get is for soil because there are different mixtures and schedules for different systems and mediums.
  17. Ok that sounds great! Thanks!
    I will transplant them today, I need to go get some perlite first though.
  18. I woke up this morning and one of them has a relatively large and light colored brown spot in the back half of the first set of actual leaves. Any info? Will have pictures after cass
  19. Next time u pot seedlings fill the container to the top.

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!

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