seedlings dieing straight after being put undet light

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jimmyrauch, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. My seedlings come up well, healthy and one day after under my 400w hps they keel over????

    The box is 1200l x 900w x 1200h, light is 1.5 feet away, temp is 65 - 90deg, humidity 30%, plenty of ventlation (ext fan and ocilating fan around 30% and they are in 6in pots, 1in sq rockwool and maxi grow dirt. very limited ferts.

    i can only imagine im putting them in too early, b4 the tap and some other roots have established? they were showing 2nd set of nodes. there back by the window for natural light to hopefully revive them but i imagine this will hurt them due to the new light pattern...

    thanks for and help..
  2. also the rock wool part had dried out but the soil was moist, hence i rec it due to lack of roots??
  3. your cooking them

    seedlings need to be slowly introduced to that type of intensity, start with the lite 3ft away drop it each day a few inches

    mj stops growing @ below 56F and above 90F ..........drop those temps, try a fan with more cfm's

    put a wet towel in front of your fans now and then ....raise the humidity to 50%-60% for veg cycle
  4. thanx. the light is at the top of the grow room, so i cant go higher. what about changing the bulb for a lower wattage?? a maybe a 200 w? or lower?
  5. use a flouros for your seedlings especially since there is no room

    and seedlings need no ferts they get what they need from thier coytledons

    if your box is that small and the lite is 1.5ft away and already maxed at the ceiling, how will you grow plants in there must have a plan you've not revealed?
  6. yea the practicality of the room wasn't thought out too well. 1200 will give me 3ft of growth, i know this is tight but i have restrictions.
    yea, a fluro would be good but ive got a hps, so id like to use the same fitting/balast. so will a 200w hps cut it?

  7. flouro are cheap, use those small spiral flouros that screw into a reguar light socket. use 4-5 lites little to no heat
  8. shall i bite the bullet and buy a wardrobe (found one 1.8m x .8 x .41) better size? this gives me 6ft growth, yet cuts down my plants from 8 to 5. thanks
  9. i got 8 plants under a 400 watter and its too much i think unless ur using really small pots....i think 5 plants would be better for a 400 watt hps...
  10. jimmy, buy it , your making things too hard on yourself this way

    your box is so small that you will increase your yield by growing larger girls;)
  11. i brought a wardrobe. 1.8m high and the girls are happy, the light is high and im getting big leaves. Im getting pale leaves with faint white spots, so ill scour the forum.

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