Seedlings can't be this hard!

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    Okay to start this off Ive done 2 sets of seedlings both have died on me. My area is a small closet with a CFL reflector with 180w of 6500k. With one fan on low osculating. My medium is MG seedling mix with some added perlite.

    So first I started germinating some bagseed 5 seeds total, 3 ended up germinating. So put some in a party cup with some MG seedling mix (I kno but its all I could find, I flushed it like 4 times b4 to help take some of the ferts out.) watered them lightly and put them under the cfl for 18/6 about 5-10in away. 4 days later 1 sprout was there but it was curled up and when I gently touched it it came out of the ground. :(

    So damn lets try again now I had 5 seeds germinated those all 5 germinated. Put the flushed soil in the cup. This time I didnt water the soil after I put the seeds in, I moistened it b4 and put them in. Now I put some surrand wrap over all the cups for humidity, and put 3 under the reflector this time I moved it up about 3ft or so, 1 in my window, and 1 on the ground in the corner of my room where a little bit of light hits. Its been 4 days and no sprouts. :mad:

    So is the soild really that bad or am I just cursed to grow. I have 7 fire seeds left and wanted to kno what the hell Im doing wrong before I start. And also Since ive been smoking I always throw some seeds into my bedroom plants soil and in like 3 days theres a 3in sprout, but when I try to grow them nothing? WTF!!! PLEASE help.
  2. Well, if they fall over, they are being over watered, the heat is too high, or the light is to intense. I would suggest just lightly moistening the soil. Only water them when they are dry. 180 watts is too much for those little seedlings. Around 25 watts is enough for those little guys. Another thing, you shouldn't have flushed the soil. Now, the seedlings are getting no nutes. They need nutes, but light nutes.
  3. How did you germinate the first time? A wet paper towel works fine for me, just keep it warm (not hot). And listen to Crucifier about the lights and nutes.
  4. Alright well next time I wont flush the soil, and ill take off most of the light and see how they do with that.
  5. They only need very little light up until about when the fourth node appears. Seedlings are very sensitive. They also should not be touched or messed with. When they germinate, the little tail at the end should not be touched and they should be very carefully moved from germination to pot. I find that simply putting the seeds in a shot glass with a little bit of water is the best method for germination. Whenever I did the paper towel method, I forgot to check up on them and the paper towels dried out. :(
  6. Germination was nvr really the problem tho. They always grew taproots and I was very careful with them. Its just they never seemed to grow once in the pot.
  7. You probably kept them too wet...a very common mistake.
  8. So keeping them to wet will cause them to grow a taproot but not grow once in soil? Or I kept them to wet once they were in the soil?
  9. I just do mine naturally by placing the seed directly into the soil about 1/4" - 1/2" deep and getting a spray bottle and setting it to a fine mist and watering that way. the mist wont disturb the soil. it always works for me:smoke:
  10. This is actually a very good way too. This way, the seedling is left undisturbed to go about its business.
  11. germinating them beforehand is nice because then you wont be waiting for days to see if you have a good seed that will sprout and you can weed out all the bad seeds
  12. whats the deal with everyones seedlings.

    I have practically been able to stomp on them without them dying.

    I have left a sprout on top of soil in the dark and forgot about it. 2 weeks the root was like 6 inches long. I plants it and it took off.

    KISS - Keep it simple stupid.

    warm dark wet/moist place, once the white starts to poke out, or after it is a lil longer than the seed, plant that sucker white point down.. cover with about 1/4" - 3/4" of grow medium.

    once they poke up, a lil bit of light, and a fan. keep it moist though, and toasty (well, warm)

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