Seedlings are dying

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  1. Hello There,

    I am a beginner grower and harvested 3 times indoors and outdoors. Currently testing multiple grow medium such as coco and hydro.

    Lately I have not been able to take care of seedlings. I dont know what I am doing wrong but I managed to waste 5 premium seeds in 2 months, one after another.

    My recent sick plant is a blue cheese, I used paper towel method with ph balanced distilled water. It germinated fine within 24 hours, I moved it into a coco+perlite cup. Nothing happened next 30 hours, So I added very small amount of Root Xtender mycorrhiza by nirvanashop. Next 12 hours, I saw seeding popping out with helmet on it, After watching for another 24 hours, I carefully removed helmet shell, root looked very healthy and white at day one, I have been spraying RO water with ph 6.5 2-3 times a day, put it under a CFL light (not too close obviously) After all the care, it started dying like my other 4 seedlings in past two months, its the first day of rot, please check pictures and room in.

    I have tried everything, many types of soil, humidity, temperatures, I tried all possible things to get seeding work but it simply dies without any reason.

    I am not an expert grower but I have high IQ so I barely make mistakes. I am feeling clueless. And need help.


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  2. Looks like you're overwatering
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  3. A lot of water for that little plant
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  4. Do you have drain holes in that cup?
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  5. I tried less water technique before, also try to air the coco. Any solutions?
  6. I have read the whole book on how to oxygenate the roots, I guess I am taking care of that unless (unless my watering is too frequent)
  7. Glad to know you read the book.
    You’re drowning them imho.
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  8. Thanks for suggestion, I just transplanted with little moist coco and 70% perlite. Gave it a little water spary for not drying out. Humid levels are 70% when should I water again? I am afraid of dry out, It happened before.
  9. Those probably wont recover. The stress of overwatering + transplating. You'll need a resilient plant.

    I would definitely water less. You can use a mister or an eye dropper to water your plants. They need very little in the beginning. They want light.
  10. Hey guys
    Im also having a problem with my one seedling I'm not quite sure what's wrong hoping someone could offer some advice. IMG_20191120_160505.jpg

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