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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nort56, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. My seedlings are growing tall. stems are reaching for the lights. Ihave had them on 24/7 for one week and have searched for the right amount of light to give them now. They are about 2-3" tall in their own pots nto fighting for light or space. I would like to know when to put them into light/dark faze and what would be the recommended time for both? Also I checked the soil and it felt dry (put my finger into the soil and it came out knd of dry so I watered and 2 fell over, can anyone tell me why, not deep enough or weak stems, 4 have a purple tint to them, the others are ok. any help? Oh I stood the two that fell over back to vertical. I put them in the dark at 5pm today.
    Wanted to say thanks to shorttothemax and naughtydread for their help getting started.
  2. I usually leave my little seedlings on a 24/0 cycle for the first two weeks after they sprout. After those two weeks, I switch to 18/6 for the duration of vegging, and of course 12/12 for flowering.

    What kind of light are you using? That could be, and most likely is, the cause of the reaching for the light. Also, how far from the seedlings is the light?

  3. I am using two 4 foot 40 watt floros with a reflector attached, the bulbs are full spectrum lights. Can I turn the lights back on, they have been in dark for just over 3 hours, The floros were all I could afford to start but I am thinking about getting two 75 watt bulbs instead. How much damage will be done if I put them back in the light right now?
  4. I had the lights right on top of them, but two of them almost were touching the bulbs so raised them to about 6" above the tops of the two that are growing crazy upwards.
  5. 6" is to high. keep the light as low as possable, unless the fluros are hot it wont hurt to have them very near. if the tubes are cool to the touch then it shud be ok for the plants to touch the tubes without damage.

    heat will cause streach so make sure the temps are quite low.

    id recomend the lights to be left on 18/6. its thought that starting seeds under 12/12 for the 1st coupple of weeks incorgages females, 24/0 will stress the seedlings. so will changing the light timeing all the time. pick a timeing you like and stick with it.

    if the seedlings are streached then if possable rase the hight of the dirt making the seedling shorter.

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