Seedlings And Humidity, Need More Humidity

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by holy jawana, May 25, 2013.

  1. So here i upper canada, seedlings always have a tough time going, gotta bring em in sumtimes cuz of the late frosts. But i was wondering if any of you guys got any ideas to create like a mini greenhouse/ plastic container that could fit just a handful of seedlings in there so theyll sprout better and humidity would be higher. growing Big bud from Sensei seeds this year. Will be truley amazing. thanks guys

  2. Humidity domes are usually not recommended for seedlings, as you want the moisture in the medium not on the plant itself. If you use a dome on seedlings I've found you greatly increase the risk of getting Dampening Off (fungus that eats the stem and causes plant to fall over dead), and possible mold issues.
    I would try to focus on the right medium for your seedlings, something that retains a bit of moisture but still has good aeration.
  3. A good organic seedling starter soil and keep the soil damp but not soaked for the first week in some party cups with drain holes and a couple of daylight cfl`s is all I use. Out of about 100 seeds grown I had maybe 3 at most that never did anything.
    Do you think that this box, with the vents openned would be enough for them or they even need more airflow?
    I'm just afraid of getting my plants sick outdoor because they are little sprouts...
    Any suggestion?
  5. If you do use a dome, I recommend having it with the vents opened all the way, and the top not sitting tight on the edge, more resting on the rim. You definitely don't want to trap too much humidity in there, but if you're medium dries out way too fast it could help.

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