Seedlings and humidity domes ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by frank drebin, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hi GC, iv just germinated a few seeds and will soon be ready to plant. Now i have everthing ready ...pots, soil etc But im just wondering how important a humidity dome etc is for seedlings.
    Its somthing i have overlooked and now only just realised that i maybe should have bought one. But i wont have time today to get hold of one and perhaps not tomorrow either and my taproots are poking out as we speak.

    So will it be ok to pop them right into the pots exposed and begin my 18/6 schedule or should i seriously consider getting a humidity dome or making some sort of dome with cling film over the pots i have until they at least break the soil then remove?

  2. Typically what i do i premoisten soil in party cups, plant about half a cm down, cover with just a little dirt (quarter cm?) taproot down of course and take saran wrap and put it over the top. Just use a rubber band or something to hold it there. You should see it pop out of soil in about two days usually.
    ^-Good way around buying a humidity dome :)
  3. Plastic zip lock bags or sandwich bags is another way to go too. But also not everyone does use them; but from what I gathered from GC the majority of us do though.

    I put my little sprouts in an aerogarden with humility domes until its to big.

    Good luck!
  4. I've used a big clear glass mixing bowl, inverted over freshly cut clones with good success. I made sure the growing medium was moist, plus put a small cup of water under the dome of the bowl, in with the cuttings. I'd lift the bowl up a few times a day to make sure fresh air was getting in, and they did very nicely overall!
  5. Don't bother with a humidity dome. Seedlings dont need it. Clones need a dome, but not seeds.
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. Iv just put them into premoistened soil in party cups with cling film over the top for now until they pop up.
    I was just doin so much reading about vegging and flowering i forgot about the sedling stage.

    Thanks again.

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